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OMG. A Filipino Artist Just Made Miss Earth Cabo Verde 2022’s Crown

Queen behavior.

Miss Earth Cabo Verde recently went viral for wearing a toy crown.

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Cady was hailed spring fling queen but refused to take the throne on her own? In true royal fashion, she literally shared the crown with the other contestants and gave a ground-breaking solidarity speech on how it’s “just plastic” and isn’t worth stressing over. Turns out, this actually happened IRL (except the crown-breaking part) at the recent Miss Earth Cabo Verde pageant where the winner was wearing a toy crown that cost less than $2.

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It certainly doesn’t bother Tayrine da Veiga, the newly crowned Miss Earth Cabo Verde 2022 who looks just as stunning. The picture made rounds on social media and Filipino crown maker, M.S. Crowns just happened to come across the photo, offering their craftsmanship to create a real one that Tayrine deserves.

Tayrine Da Veiga miss earth cabo verde crown

Mark Santiago of M.S Crowns has been hand-crafting for local pageants for quite some time and didn’t hesitate to reach out to Miss Earth Cabo Verde as seen on the screenshots of their conversation. “I thank you for the great help, I’ll finally have a good crown thank to you. I am grateful,” gushes the beauty queen and public relations law student. The result? A breathtaking crown embellished with pearls and green stones inspired by the country’s name, “Cabe Verde” and the color green symbolizing its abundance.

Tayrine Da Veiga miss earth cabo verde crown

Now that is what you call a crowning glory. Mark Santiago of M.S Crowns is just one of the many Filipinos who quietly played a huge role in many international pageant stages. And that’s on what? Queen behavior.

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