Kapag Kulot Salot: These Filipinas Debunk Myths About Curly Hair 

Time to get informed.

Filipina content creators shed light on the realities and misconceptions surrounding curly hair.

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In the Philippines, pervasive beliefs label curly hair as troublesome. Growing up with a head full of curls, I’ve encountered the phrase ‘kapag kulot, salot’ more times than I can recall. While some may say it in jest, this phrase reflects a prevalent misconception ingrained in Filipino culture—the negative stigma attached to natural curls. It led the younger version of myself to despise my appearance and seek straightening treatments that damaged my hair. It’s a feeling many others can relate to.

For years, individuals with curly hair have encountered stereotypes and prejudices. Often, those with curly hair were not considered the ‘pretty’ ones at school, as their hair was associated with being unruly, ugly, and difficult to manage. But more and more are we seeing mindsets change across social media platforms and local communities. Finally, Filipinas with curly hair are proudly embracing their natural locks and challenging the misconceptions surrounding them. Through platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, content creators share their stories, tips, and empowerment, encouraging others to nurture and accept their natural hair.

When it’s all about the right representation, these influencers and advocates shed light on the realities and misconceptions surrounding curly hair. By serving styling tips, product recommendations, and personal anecdotes, they prove that curly hair isn’t a nuisance, but rather an asset to be celebrated. Scroll through the statements of these Filipinas debunking myths about curly hair.

MYTH 1: Combing curly hair will tame the frizz.

“People always assume that simply brushing our hair will make it presentable. However, this belief is mostly false as brushing out our curls can disrupt the curl pattern, destroy the definition, and turn our hair into a ball of frizz. The care for straight hair differs from that of curly hair, requiring distinct products and techniques. Through my content, I share proper techniques that others with curly hair can adapt, such as scrunching, plopping, and brush styling. There’s a common misconception that curly hair appears messy or unruly, perpetuating the notion of ‘kulot salot.’ It’s time to debunk this myth. Personally, I love the volume and personality my curls give me.” – Althea Claire (@altheaclaireyt)

MYTH 2: Coloring or dyeing curly hair is a DON’T.

“Dyeing curly hair is acceptable with proper preparation and thorough aftercare. I’ve already bleached my hair twice and dyed it four times over two years, yet my curls remain fine, decent, and still gorgeous.

When dyeing hair, preparation is crucial. Perform a strand test to assess elasticity and brittleness. If your hair passes the test, you may proceed. If possible, seek advice from a hair specialist. I recommend visiting the salon Cutz and Curls by Jazz for a proper assessment. If confident in your hair’s thickness, you can attempt dyeing it at home, but remember, it’s at your own risk.

Throughout the dyeing process, I typically mix deep conditioner (Curls by Zenutrients Deep Conditioner) with the hair color and oxidizer. I opt for 9% oxidizer due to my hair’s strength. If you’re new to this, start with a lower percentage. I usually use Bremod for hair color.

Dyeing hair is a form of self-expression. Feel free to explore, but at your own risk. Alternatively, seek guidance from a professional, especially at a curly-friendly salon.” – Jela (@jelacarpio)

MYTH 3: Curly hair is inherently unruly or unmanageable.

“One common misconception about curly hair is that it’s inherently unruly or unmanageable. Through my content, I aim to debunk this myth by showcasing diverse and stunning examples of well-maintained curls. This demonstrates that with the right care and products, curly hair can not only be manageable but also absolutely gorgeous.

Another misconception is that all curls are the same, overlooking the wide spectrum of curl patterns. I work to clarify this by offering tailored advice for different curl types, emphasizing that what works for one may not work for another.” – Deina (@deinasurrr)

MYTH 4: Curly hair must be made straightened to appear attractive.

“Many women, influenced by the outdated belief that curly hair is unruly or unattractive, resort to using various products and heat tools to straighten their curls. In more extreme cases, they opt for chemical treatments to permanently straighten their hair.

However, this misconception is precisely that—a myth. Curly hair doesn’t need to be straightened to be aesthetically pleasing or elegant. The pressure to straighten curly hair originates from societal standards and historical perceptions that have labeled curls as messy or undesirable.

The reality is that with proper care and styling techniques designed for curly hair, it can look stunning and elegant. Embracing natural curls and learning how to manage and style them can lead to beautiful, healthy-looking hair. This approach promotes self-acceptance and celebrates the inherent beauty of curly hair without relying on excessive manipulation or chemical treatments.” – Dannah (@dannannah)

MYTH 5: ‘Kapag kulot, salot.’

“For the majority of my life, I believed that I wasn’t beautiful. This narrative was ingrained in me until it became my absolute truth. I thought I’d never grace the cover of a beauty magazine or be someone others looked up to for their appearance. I didn’t fit the standard of beauty, and the belief persisted that straightening my hair would make me more beautiful, implying that one form of beauty was superior to another.

However, as I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize the potential and beauty of my curly hair. It tells the tale of overcoming insecurities and facing bullies. My curls narrate the story of my challenging times when my mental health struggled. They embody resilience; even after my rebonded hair fell out, my curls returned.

My curly hair is a testament to my journey, a journey of self-acceptance, healing, and discovering the strength I never knew I had.” – Dannah (@dannannah)

MYTH 6: You should fight frizz.

“It’s funny, but in reality, embracing natural frizz is the answer! The pursuit of entirely eliminating frizz often involves using numerous hair products or applying excessive heat, leading to frequent manipulation of the hair. This extensive handling and product application can cause damage and weaken the hair over time.

In truth, a certain amount of frizz is perfectly normal and an inherent aspect of curly hair texture. Rather than viewing it negatively, acknowledging and accepting this natural frizz can lead to a more manageable and healthier approach to hair care. Embracing a moderate level of frizz allows for a more balanced routine that respects the natural state of the hair without excessive intervention or harsh treatments.” – Samira Ibrahim (@samirainspires)

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