Tips and Philippine Product Recos for Curly Hair

5 Content Creators Reveal Their Tips and Product Recos for Curly Hair

Curly care is health care.

Dealing with curly hair can be quite the challenge. But don’t stress, these five Filipinas have your back with their tips and product suggestions to keep those curls bouncy, healthy, and frizz-free.

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While Asians are stereotypically associated with and even push the straight hair agenda on others, there are those who proudly flaunts their curliest strands. But curly hair and the humidity of a tropical country aren’t necessarily a match made in heaven. If you resonate with this, chances are your mothers might have splurged on rebonding sessions instead of seeking the right routines for healthy, frizz-free hair. However, a community of content creators has risen to challenge the notion that straightening is the sole solution.

For these five Filipinas, it’s all about discovering techniques and products tailored for curly hair. The good news? We’ve got you covered with their tips and product recommendations to achieve lively, well-hydrated locks. Scroll down—you might find your newest addition to your daily hair routine!

Curlico. Dream Curl™ Curl Defining Crème Gel

“When it comes to hair, my top advice is to shower it with love! Embracing and appreciating the beauty of our curly hair is crucial. Managing it requires effort, but it becomes easier when you genuinely love and appreciate it. Each curl is unique, with different types and patterns, and each absorbs moisture differently. There’s no one-size-fits-all method. I have friends with similar curls, but our hair reacts differently to products. Thus, understanding how your hair absorbs moisture is crucial.

For low porosity hair that struggles to absorb moisture, opt for lightweight products to avoid buildup. High porosity hair, which quickly absorbs and loses moisture, benefits from deep conditioning. With my Type 3 curls, I prioritize weekly deep conditioning, using leave-in conditioners and gel. On the other hand, Type 4 coils require gentle detangling to prevent damage. It’s all about finding the right balance.

My product recommendations? For newcomers, start with a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, weekly deep conditioner, leave-in, and gel. A local gem I highly recommend is Curlico Dream Defining Gel, a cost-effective gel and cream hybrid suitable for various curl patterns.” – Samira Ibrahim (@samarainspires)

Curls by Zenutrients

“I think that using a deep conditioner weekly has been the most significant game-changer in maintaining the health of my curls. When it comes to styling, I follow what I humorously call the SSS styling method. (I can’t take credit for coining that term, so don’t quote me on it! Haha), but basically the three S is section, shake, & scrunch. I find this technique incredibly effective in enhancing natural curls.

For me, a fool-proof curly hair routine would include a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, perhaps a curl cream, and finally, gel. My favorite recommendations for local curly hair products come from the brands Curls by Zenutrients and Curlssential. I’ve been using products from both brands since the very start of my curly hair journey, and I still love them to this day.” – Althea Claire (@altheaclaireyt)

Luxe Organix Premium Keratin Curl & Define Essence

“To maintain healthy curls, certain key ingredients are essential in your hair care routine. Firstly, consider opting for natural oils like sunflower oil to effectively hydrate your hair. Next, invest in a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo to soothe your scalp and efficiently cleanse product build-up. When it comes to conditioning, select a moisturizing sulfate-free and protein-free conditioner. This product deeply moisturizes your hair, providing the necessary hydration for your curls. You may also want to consider using a protein conditioner infused with keratin or coconut to restore and maintain curl definition, revitalizing your curls and preserving their natural shape.

Lastly, it’s important to include curl essence or stylers in your routine. These products are crucial for styling your hair and reducing frizz, giving you greater control over your curly locks.

For product recommendations, I suggest trying Human Nature Sunflower Oil, Katháre Haircare shampoo bars, and Luxe Organix Premium Keratin Curl & Define Essence.” – Bestie Jela (@JelaCarpio)

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

“Start by getting the most accessible products for you. The most basic products include a good shampoo, two types of conditioner (one with protein and one without), and finally, a moisturizing leave-in or curl cream. If you aim to prolong wash days, consider locking in moisture by purchasing a styler such as gels, foams, or mousses. If your hair is damaged, incorporating treatments like deep conditioners and bond builders becomes necessary, although these might be considered optional now. Remember, scalp care is always crucial, so don’t forget to cleanse your scalp!

I always recommend including Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector or Curlsmith Bond Curl Rehab Salve to repair damaged hair bonds, particularly for dyed curly hair. For those who want a sulfate-free shampoo that is gentle and cleansing, I do recommend Dermtropics Gentle Nourising Shampoo. In terms of conditioners, Curls by Zenutrients offers a protein conditioner ideal for those in need of strengthening.” Tiffany Kang (@creatiff.curls)

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

“Shea Moisture is my ultimate go-to. It’s ideal for curly hair due to its natural moisturizing properties. Additionally, Shea Moisture is free from parabens, phthalates, paraffin, formaldehyde, propylene oil, mineral oil, synthetic color, animal testing, or synthetic testing coloring. The Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie feels like heaven in a jar and works wonders in controlling frizz. As a curly girl, I highly recommend trying any product with Shea butter and witness the beautiful transformation of curly hair.

Now, patience and consistency can go a long way for every person with curly hair! And remember, avoid touching those curls!” – Dannah (@Dannannah)

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