Girlboss: 7 Filipina Celebrities Who Founded Their Own Beauty Business 

We love multi-talented moguls.

From the charm of Lucky Beauty to the convenience of Lunch Break Beauty, get ready to dive into a world where beauty blends with business.

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In a world where glam meets hustle, celebrities have long been the poster children for beauty, gracing ads and captivating fans with their flawless looks. But celebs and the OG influencers aren’t just content being the fresh faces of brands. Nah, they’re diving headfirst into the beauty business themselves.

In this digital age, it’s not just about flaunting their pretty faces; it’s about taking charge of their own narratives. Despite the ups and downs, the ‘is it still cool?’ moments, these celeb beauty brands keep slaying. From the charm of Lucky Beauty to the on-the-go glam of Lunch Break Beauty, get ready to step into a world where beauty is the game and business is the name.

Andrea Brillantes | Lucky Beauty

Andrea Brillantes had this huge dream—to be the boss behind her own makeup line. She wanted her beauty secrets to shine in every product of her collection, and that’s how Lucky Beauty came into the scene. According to the actress, makeup acts like a lucky charm, boosting confidence and empowering you to take the driver’s seat of your destiny.

From your peepers to your pout, each item flaunts this chic gold and pale pink packaging, causing ripples of excitement throughout the beauty industry. But here’s the real star: Blythe’s must-have, the Brow Grip. You know her brows are always on point. This product guarantees to give you that signature Blythe brow look—flawless and absolutely fire.

Anne Curtis | BLK Cosmetics

Anne Curtis has been in the makeup scene for years as the brains behind BLK Cosmetics, teaming up with Happy Skin’s Jacque Yuengtian Gutierrez. BLK Cosmetics screams hassle-free beauty, offering a lineup of essential products that are trendy, effortless, and adaptable.

What’s dope about BLK Cosmetics? Well, they’re all about embracing charming collections and infusing skin-loving goodness into their makeup game. And the cherry on top? This beauty brand is cruelty-free and PETA-approved, making ethical production their signature move.

Elisse Joson | Lunch Break Beauty

Here’s the scoop on Elisse Joson: She’s not just ruling on screens and slaying as a super mom—she’s also making waves as an entrepreneur. In 2022, the actress expanded her horizons by embracing the title of ‘boss lady’ with the launch of Lunch Break Beauty.

But hold up, this isn’t your basic business move—it’s a haven for spa-like indulgence delivered right to your doorstep. Think eyelash extensions, eyebrow grooming, and luxurious mani-pedis, all at your fingertips. If you’re craving a break and some serious pampering, Lunch Break Beauty is where it’s at. Get ready to treat yourself without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Gabbi Garcia | Five Beauty

When Lazada tapped Gabbi Garcia as the face of their beauty powerhouse, LazBeauty, it was the start of how she’d become a makeup maven in her own right. A year down the road, Gabbi’s not just a Lazada superstar—she’s the boss behind Five Beauty.

‘Ready in five’ is the Five Beauty anthem—a total game-changer in the makeup scene, aiming to make beauty effortless for everyone. Sure, those intricate routines on social media look rad, but not everyone’s got that much time to spare. While some folks juggle a bunch of products, Five Beauty keeps it simple with versatile essentials. Just grab, swipe, and you’re set to slay, hassle-free and in a snap.

Ivana Alawi | Ivana Skin

After tirelessly grinding for two years, Ivana Alawi finally bestowed upon the world her brainchild: the glamorous entry of Ivana Skin into the skincare sphere. The actress-vlogger spilled the beans about her sensational brand back in 2022, proudly dubbing it her “newest baby.”

It’s not just your run-of-the-mill skincare—it’s a curated lineup that screams, ‘Hello, gorgeous!’ From decadent body milks to those magical rejuvenating sets and a galaxy of soaps, creams, and whatnots, this beauty brand’s arsenal seems more loaded than a Netflix binge-watch list.

Kathryn Bernardo | KathNails

Turns out, Kathryn Bernardo isn’t just slaying on-screen—she’s taken her game to the next level in the beauty business world by launching her nail salon. KathNails by KCMB hit the scene in 2017 as the actress built a place where everyone could get that boujee pampering without breaking the bank.

They’ve got the whole package—waxing, threading, and those blissful massages. Kathryn’s basically shouting, ‘Why settle for basic when you can get the whole royal treatment from head to toe?’

Sofia Andres | Zoe Essentials

Amidst the surge of pandemic-born startups, one standout emerged: Zoe Essentials, brought to life by actress and mom Sofia Andres, with her adorable daughter Zoe as the inspiration. At first glance, it’s an alcospray brand, but this isn’t your average hygiene fix—it’s self-care in a bottle. Our hands are practically soaked in alcohol, leaving them as dry as the desert. But why make it a mundane chore when it could be a little slice of pleasure?

Zoe Essentials had a genius idea: to marry alcohol with our favorite scents, creating alcosprays featuring top-notch fragrances that reign in the market. Think Chanel’s Chance, Jo Malone’s English Pear, and Tartine et Chocolat Paris in an alcospray bottle. With Zoe Essentials, sanitizing gets a luxurious upgrade—clean hands with a touch of divine aroma.

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