A Peek Into FELIP’s “Complex, Crazy, Blessed” 2023, So Far

A rocksta of a performance.

Fresh from SB19’s latest world tour, FELIP shares his thoughts on his performance at Music Matter Lives 2023 and more.

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There are a lot of words that can be used to describe FELIP’s 2023 so far, and boring would not be one of those. “COMPLEX, CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL” are the three FELIP would personally use to envision his year, and he’s right. As part of SB19, they’ve recently completed their 10-show world tour in the US and Canada, became self-managed with the establishment of 1Z Entertainment, and ruled TikTok with the success and virality of Gento, particularly when it comes to K-pop idols. 

FELIP’s solo moves have also been nothing to sneeze at. The musician achieved an artistic feat with the release of his debut solo EP at the start of February. And recently, FELIP got social media talking with his first-ever solo performance at an international music festival, Music Matters Live 2023 in Singapore. It’s another achievement that the artist was honored to have that also showcased P-pop’s continued rise in the global scene.  


Music Matters Live 2023, the free music festival that runs alongside the All That Matters entertainment industry conference, was recently held at the start of September and brought together some of Asia’s most promising artists. Across several days, Singapore was lit up with the talent and beats of the region’s hottest acts, one of them being FELIP. September 12 saw eight music acts signed to Warner Music participate in Warner Music Presents at The Ground Theatre in Singapore. 

Going by the reactions on social media, FELIP, who was described in the festival’s official press release as a “P-Pop sensation”, was a highlight of the event, an impressive feat considering the night also included performances by Korea’s SHAUN and China’s thomeboydontkill. “It’s such an honor to be part of this event. It’s really exciting to showcase different talents from different parts of Asia too,” shares FELIP. 

FELIP at Music Matter Live

FELIP performing at Music Matters Live 2023

Making it even better was how FELIP wasn’t just the only Filipino part of the show, but also the only local artist included in Music Matters Live 2023. It’s a development that naturally brought out a mix of excitement and pressure from the P-pop artist. But he’s not letting the nerves get the best of him. “As much as I feel the pressure of ensuring a worthwhile stage for my supporters and the new audiences who will hear my music, I’d like to focus on enjoying the performance and the experience as a whole.”

From his performances to promote his solo music to his segment during SB19’s concerts, FELIP is no stranger to performing solo. But he tries to give something new to his stages, and that was the case for his set at Music Matters Live. “I’d like to give a different take on each of my performances every time, especially since every crowd is different.” And that he did as he rocked the crowd in an all-black leather fit and red mic in hand as he performed his roster of tunes. 


It’s been a busy year for FELIP, to say the least. From solo endeavors to group activities, the musician has been grinding non-stop since the start of the year. Admittedly, a schedule that hectic can be overwhelming to many, but FELIP makes sure to find time for proper work-life balance. 

“I make sure I find time for myself and find the right kind of balance with work and leisure. I go out with friends, I create music all the time, I watch a lot of Anime, and read about a lot of things online.” More importantly, FELIP isn’t letting the success he’s had this year and the years prior get to his head. “With the packed schedule, I try to take it a day at a time and make sure I keep myself grounded always.”

Felip at Music Matters Live

FELIP performing at Music Matters Live 2023

It’s almost impossible to think that when SB19 first debuted in 2019, they were seen as a joke that wouldn’t amount to much in the music industry. Yet here they are as the group and the members individually help bring P-pop, and OPM in general, to a new level, both locally and abroad. It’s this movement that FELIP is thankful for to be a part of. “It’s such an honor to be able to bring this kind of sound to the global scene, and it has always been our core to break boundaries and norms in the industry.” 

At the end of the day, FELIP’s performance at Music Matters Live 2023 is not just a win for the artist, but also for P-pop as more and more people embrace it. Take it from FELIP who’s had an up-close view of Filipinos being more supportive of the genre. “I personally already see how our community has become more supportive of P-pop and OPM in general. We have been more open to listening to more adventurous and experimental sounds with narratives about our Filipino aspirations, struggles, and triumphs.”

Photos by Dawn Chua

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