Woof! Felip Bites Hard In STRAYDOGS Music Video

Gumshi! Gumshi!

Producers: How many clothes do you want to wear for the music video?
Felip: Yes.

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Since marking his new era with the release of his blazing track Rocksta, we already know what to expect from Felip for his other COM • PLEX offerings: just straight fire that devours. But damn, in his brand new music video for STRAYDOGS, Felip hits harder with expensive looks and the sickest beats that will get you headbanging for days.


Wandering through the Tokyo streets in a number (we’ve lost count) of drips that scream style and some mad attitude, Felip goes bad and boujee in the STRAYDOGS music video. In its first moments, you can’t help but notice how it all looks and feels like a work from an international, world renowned artist. But perhaps it’s just the Felip effect.

Directed by Jay-Ar Villarojas, the music video is filled with shots that are all wallpaper-worthy. From Felip casually strutting in Japan and dropping those bars with the raddest ‘fits to the vertigo-inducing shots of him just feeling and bodying all of it, the STRAYDOGS visuals are on a whole ‘nother level. Add to that the hard-hitting beats and the mood-boosting lyrics, you’ll for sure end up woofing like hell with king Felip.

Look dawg I’m super elite ya / trendsetter extra unique, if yahate it, yo I mean it / gotta get that money for a minute / Can’t beat the numero uno / bottom to top, we the uno.” In his Eat Bulaga guesting, Felip explains how STRAYDOGS is about his own struggle of proving them haters wrong; of listening and staying true to himself amid the negativities thrown at him without stepping on others. This confident and defiant energy are on glorious display through his words and the music’s overall mood.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might hear the word “gumshi” a couple of times. It turns out that Felip, the unique trendsetter that he is, just invented that word on a whim and liked the feel of it, hence its being included in STRAYDOGS. Keep that catchphrase in mind, as for sure we’ll get to see more of Felip’s inventive and original ideas for his upcoming works. Meanwhile, you can listen to all the songs of Felip’s debut EP COM • PLEX and revel in his rockstar era fully here.

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