Miss Universe Philippines Tourism Videos

Our 11 Favorite Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Tourism Videos That Make Us Want To Book A Trip ASAP

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The Miss Universe Philippines 2021 tourism videos promoted the hometowns and provinces of the delegates in an inspiring and phenomenal way.

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As we wait in anticipation for the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 coronation night on September 25, all the talk has been on who is going to take home the crown. We have already seen the ladies through multiple facets, from their beauty looks, their pasarela, how they speak, and the like. But aside from the physical and intellectual aspect of the competition, Miss Universe Philippines 2021 is also a platform for the delegates to promote their hometowns and provinces not just to the rest of the country, but the universe.

And that was what happened when the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 delegates created their own tourism videos for their respective town and provinces as we saw the beauty of the Philippines through their eyes. And while all the videos were nice and the places featured worthy of a visit, a few tourism videos stood out for just how enticing they were. With that being said, here are our 11 favorite Miss Universe Philippines 2021 tourism videos that made us want to visit those places ASAP.


In Leren Bautista’s tourism video for Laguna, she said so much without saying anything at all. Despite there being no narration, the video was very effective because Leren just let the places she visited speak for themselves. In her tourism video, she trekked a diverse group of locations from the Rizal Shrine Calamba to Cavinti Falls and in each location, she just let their natural beauty do all the convincing. Add to that the clean production, she’s got us sold.


What we like so much about Joanna Marie Rabe’s tourism video for Zambales is that not only does she highlight what you can do in the province, but the people as well. As she says in the video, Zambales is becoming a trendy summer destination thanks to its gorgeous beaches and lush environment. But the people you meet are also important and we get to see how the people of Zambales are, hardworking, kind, and respectful of nature.


Ayn really said no beaches? No problem. Despite the fact that San Juan city may not have sweeping mountains or picturesque views, Ayn made the city feel like it was a place worthy of a visit. And she did this by highlighting the city’s often overlooked history, culture, and art. She got her city’s known beauties and used that to her advantage. The only thing that would make it better is if Ayn herself toured us around San Juan.


When you think of must-visit destinations in the Philippines, Masbate usually doesn’t enter into mind. But Kisses is here to prove that Masbate is worthy of the attention. In her tourism video, you can really feel how proud she is of Masbate in her narration, and we can see why. The scenery and beaches she featured look postcard-worthy. She also gave time to highlight the people and culture of Masbate. And those scenes of her riding on a horse on a beach look straight out of a movie.


When Victoria said that she would describe Cavite like love as it’s home and adventure at the same time, we were immediately sold. Cavite is a historically important place in the Philippines, and she was able to highlight that, as well as the local culture, landmarks, food, and people. We also liked her use of pop-art-inspired visuals that made the tourism video feel like going to Cavite is a fun trip worth taking.


These days, Pasig City is most known for the fact that Vico Sotto is its mayor. And while Princess did highlight that in her tourism video, she also highlighted other aspects of Pasig. She showed off the people, places, food, culture, and more. What stood out to us though was how she highlighted specific local shops that normally wouldn’t get that much attention in these kinds of videos. It showed off a more personal side to Pasig.


Maureen’s tourism video showed that she truly understood the assignment. Pangasinan is a big place, but Maureen managed to highlight a lot about the province. She gave us a taste and look at what Pangasinan has to offer, which makes us want to experience it for ourselves. It’s not too long, but it’s not too short either. And her soothing narration makes the video even better.


Kheshapornam Ramachandran’s tourism video for Iloilo City has one of the more memorable and unique concepts among the delegates. Aided by excellent cinematography, she styled the video in such a way that it looked like an athlete starring in a motivational story—and it worked so well. She managed to combine her authentic personality with that of the city to make it about how Iloilo City is striving forward.


If you want to know why Cebu City is called the Queen City of the South, watch Beatrice’s tourism video. She manages to perfectly capture the city’s advancements and progress, as well as highlight the local culture and even the local skateboarding scene. This is an extremely vibrant video that shows off the many unique charms of Cebu City and has something for everybody.


The Department of Tourism better be paying attention, because this is how you do a tourism video. Watching the video, you could tell Steffi and her team really thought this through. While Steffi is very much present in the video, she made sure that Cebu and its many wonders were front and center. We also appreciated her inspirational message of how despite the pandemic, Cebu is going to be back on its feet and stand tall in the face of adversity.


If you’re thinking about where to go in the country once restrictions have been eased up, this tourism video makes Antique a must-visit destination. Antique looks absolutely gorgeous in the video with scenery that looks too good to be true. It also highlights the many activities you can do, the scenic spots you can visit, and the welcoming people you’ll meet.

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