Enchanted Elegance: Our Favorite Mythological Celebrity Costumes From The Opulence Ball 2023

Slayed and served to the gods.

From Andrea Brillantes’ real-life snake to Marina Summers’ statue, these celebrities reimagined mythical creatures for Opulence Ball 2023.

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With three years in the making, the second ever Opulence Ball lived up to its reputation upon its return in 2023. As the last Halloween hoorah, the event was nothing short of opulent, a mesmerizing collision of fashion and mythology. Among the many captivating costumes and runway-ready gowns on display, the mythological theme took center stage this year.

The black carpet came alive with celebrities gracing the event, embodying the personas of gods, nymphs, and eternal entities. Whether it’s Celtic, Greek, Filipino, or Nordic myths, the costumes paid tribute to stories that have captured our imagination for centuries. From stunning gowns to bold headpieces, we turn the page to the best mythological celebrity costumes from the Opulence Ball, showcasing the perfect blend of opulence and enchanted elegance.

Mond Gutierrez

Starting strong with the man behind Opulence, Mond Gutierrez made his entrance on the black carpet as a mythological god himself. When asked about the golden armor by Bonita, the talented personality revealed that he didn’t draw inspiration from a particular character but rather portrayed himself as one of them—wondering what it would be like if he were among Zeus, Poseidon, and Athena.

Andrea Brillantes

With Halloween looks all around, Andrea Brillantes didn’t disappoint for her final party. For the night, the actress assumed the role of Lilith, a female figure in Mesopotamian mythology believed to be the first wife of Adam. As if the Lauren Vito gown and dramatic makeup weren’t enough, she also brought a real snake to the black carpet. Yes, it’s reminiscent of Britney Spears’ iconic VMA performance.

Celeste Cortesi

With celebrities gracing the black carpet with the beauty of ancient goddesses, one standout in the crowd was none other than the stunning Celeste Cortesi. With a bolder approach, the white Anthony Ramirez gown was strategically cut and paired with a winged headpiece. The Filipino fashion designer must have taken inspiration from Celeste’s name because her heavenly presence certainly blessed the Opulence Ball.

Chie Filomeno

Chie Filomeno made a stunning and snake-y entrance at the Opulence Ball, captivating the crowd as she channeled the mythical figure of Medusa. In a bold and creative choice, the actress wanted the venomous gorgon to be a goddess for the evening after being painted as the villain for centuries. Her costume, created by Job Dacon, featured snake-adorned black bodice and a headdress. With a striking portrayal of Medusa, Chie Filomeno proved that she was not only a fashion-forward trendsetter but also a fearless muse of myth and fantasy.

James Reid and Issa Pressman

James Reid and Issa Pressman made a dark entrance at the Opulence Ball, embodying the personas of mythological beings from the underworld. James, taking on the role of Hades, donned an all-black ensemble that exuded authority and power. And ICYMI, the dynamic duo lit the candle headpiece on the red carpet, adding a touch of mystique to their appearance. His presence was complemented by Issa, who portrayed Persephone in a captivating gown that seamlessly blended black and gold elements, symbolizing the duality of her character.

Janeena Chan

It’s time to make a wish as fairy godsister Janeena Chan is here to make dreams come true with a dress that’s nothing short of serving the fantasy. Adorned with shooting stars and a blue tulle, the vibrant Vee Tan creation turned Halloween night into something more magical. The ensemble was perfectly completed with a wish-granting wand, taking the Opulence Ball to the next level of enchantment.

Jaz Reyes

Jaz Reyes brought a touch of cultural richness to the Opulence Ball with her oriental look, which was giving Perlas ng Silangan. Adorned with intricate beadwork, the gown showcased the artistry and craftsmanship of Allan Laserna. In contrast to last night’s costumes, the content creator’s attire was not just a fashion statement; each pearl, each stitch, and every detail seemed to narrate the story of Filipino art and treasures.

Kaila Estrada

Kaila Estrada portrayed a modern-day Medusa in an all-gold ensemble. With the creative touch of Ushisato, this unique idea came to life, pondering what this mythical being would wear if she were born in this century.

Leila Alcacid

Mythical creatures and beings from folklore were not to be overlooked. The ever-enigmatic Leila Alcasid, renowned for her music and personal style, embodied the ethereal beauty of a water nymph. She exuded an otherworldly aura as the singer-songwriter wore a Martin M. Bautista dress paired with a headpiece and a subtle sheen of makeup by Anthea Bueno.

Marina Summers

Marina Summers stole the show, resembling a real-life work of art straight from a museum. While sculptural looks were taking center stage, the drag queen took her appearance to the next level with a quite literal Greek goddess sculpture ensemble from the House of Vilrique. When asked about the inspiration behind this beautiful idea, she explained, “Syempre doon tayo sa naabutan natin, mga rebulto na. Alam natin lahat, magaganda ngayon, and as a drag artist, I wanted to take a more artistic direction. Why not do something sculptural?

Rajo Laurel

While this Filipino fashion designer is typically the creative force behind the looks, Rajo Laurel decided to take a day off and embraced full drag (for the first time) for Opulence 2023. Drawing inspiration from Cupid, he transformed Valentine’s Day into a Halloween night spectacle with his hot pink ensemble, complemented by a feathered headdress.

Photos by Ed Simon and Excel Panlaque

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