Ranking Dream Maker’s Mission 3 Group Performances From Least To Most Slay

*Waits for these songs to be released on Spotify*

The Dream Maker contestants did their thing with their K-pop-inspired group mission.

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After weeks of competition, it’s slowly getting down to the wire in Dream Maker. In just a few weeks, the final seven trainees will be revealed. But before that, the contestants are still proving themselves with their missions. And the most recent challenge had a K-pop twist as judge BULL$EYE created four original songs, which was probably the closest the groups of boys got to living their K-pop star life as we were treated to four great performances.

All teams did a good job, but some teams just gave a bit more than others in this dive of their group performances. (Do note though that when we rank a performance low, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad performance. It’s just that the other performances did it more for us in our book.)


Above all, this performance proves just how good of a leader Matt is. He pulled Team Hunters together as they embodied the predator with Tiger. The vocals were okay and the dance moves were on point. The bombastic mix got our attention as the members made the most of what they got.


Right off the bat, we got EXO’s Obsession vibes from the mix of bright jackets and black pants and that’s a great thing. Team Eyeris reeled us in with their look and kept us with a strong performance. It’s expected that Vinci is going to serve whenever he performs and that cropped top did help. But who stood out to us here were Jay-R and Thad. The latter in particular proved his worth as the center and leader and caught our (odd) eye.


The whole vibe of Lovey Dovey was 90s feel-good pop and Team 6 Of Hearts gave that. Song-wise, it’s our personal favorite with its light-hearted yet catchy tune has us wanting it to be released on Spotify ASAP. The group adapted to the song with a performance that you couldn’t help but smile at. Their voices sounded so good together while their moves had us wanting to move as well. From the cute moves to the fun gestures, it fits them to a T. The whole group stood out to us for all the right reasons.


Not only was this the judges’ top-scoring performance, but it was ours, too. Team Topick gave us a leather denim moment that was equal parts sexy and head-turning with how good they look. The matching ‘fits made them look like a real group but their performance also allowed them to have those standout moments (we’re looking at you Wilson, Jeromy, and Asi). The trap for some people is to do too much for a song like Hit Me. Yet Topick didn’t go over the top and just gave what the song needed. From start to finish, they connected.

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