Chasing K-Pop Dreams: Dream Maker Completes Its First Ranking

And their journey begins.

The search for the next global pop group continues as Dream Maker wraps up its first ranking and dream chasers take their first challenge.

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Since its debut a week ago, the Filipino-South Korean boy group survival reality show, Dream Maker, has quickly made noise online and has earned devoted fans fondly called Chingus. And rightfully so, as the ABS-CBN, MLD Entertainment, and KAMP Korea’s collaborative effort packs a thrilling, at times gripping, and inspiring watch. Witnessing these young Filipinos oozing with talent and confidence take the stage makes us local fans, ultimately, proud.

As the show continues its search for its lucky seven, the competition becomes more intense as the sixty-two hopefuls strive to make their K-pop dreams come true. This is on full display with Dream Maker’s third and fourth episode as the dream chasers get their full ranking and take on their first challenge. Here are some of the unmissable highlights to keep you abreast of what’s been happening so far.


Showing us true grit and persistence were some dream chasers who, even though were feeling a bit under the weather, were still able to pull off their performances virtually. Dream chasers Matthew from Taguig, Thad from Bulacan, and Karl from Rizal showed off their best moves and vocals with their remixes. The dream mentors hoped for their fast recovery, expressed their excitement to watch the three on the stage, and praised their presentations, especially Karl’s rendition of Ex Battalion’s Bagong Simula who turned out victorious with a top ten placement.


Dream Maker mentors Bailey May and Jea

Being mentors in Dream Maker is a great responsibility especially when what they’re trying to form is the next pop group who will take the global stage. And you can see how it’s seriously a big deal, especially with the straightforward judgments of dance mentor Bae Yoon-Jung or composer Seo Won Jin. 

But there are also instances where the mentors let loose and have some cute moments together like that sweet little interaction between Bailey May and special guest mentor Jea on the third episode. After a dream chaser performed Bailey’s song Now We’re Together, Jea asked the Now United member for a sample performance. Bailey very much obliged, much to the kilig of the K-pop idol. 


Rounding out the mentors’ evaluation stage were the last two performers, Cebu’s Pan-Pan and Albay’s Jay-R. Pan-Pan’s take on Pusong Bata earned compliments from Darren Espanto most especially for his dance skills. Jay-R, on the other hand, made coach Bae Yoon-Jung smile with his mesmerizing vocals while performing to Jeremy G’s Sinayang Mo. Mentor Seo Won-Jin even remarked that it was Jay-R who finally met his expectations. 

And talk about ending with a bang as the two caused a massive reshuffle in the ranking, with Pan-Pan taking the 23rd spot while Jay-R snatching the top spot with a massive 714 points. The first Dream Maker ranking is now complete and currently sitting on the coveted top seven seats are Jay-R, Wilson, Marcus, Vinci, Jeromy, Rey, and Tatin.


With the completion of the first list of top dream chasers, the stakes just got even higher as the sixty-two aspirants were given their first-ever challenge: performing Dream Maker’s theme song Take My Hand. The dream chasers quickly went to training with a surprise visit from the dream mentors, who put the dream badges to the boys on the top seven spots. 

The judges revealed that the ranking could still change as their training progresses, with their singing, dancing, and attitude taken in consideration. Those who will ace the training will receive a higher ranking and a better stage position for the performance of their signal song, while those who struggle will be put at the back of the pack. The competition indeed just got more heated and this is much captured in dream chaser Asi’s passionate statement: “Sa kantang Take My Hand, I’ll take my seat back.”


To give you a glimpse of the results of the training, here’s their full performance of Take My Hand, the official theme song of Dream Maker. The upbeat and energetic music is composed and arranged by South Korean mentor and K-pop songwriter Bull$EyE and is originally performed by MLD Entertainment’s boy group TFN. And just as the song says, there’s no giving up with their dreams as the dream chasers face their first elimination next week.

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