Diversity Takes Center Stage In Belle Mariano’s ‘Kahit Na, Kahit Pa’ Music Video

Here for the inclusivity.

Belle Mariano said love is love is love in Kahit Na, Kahit Pa’s music video.

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When Belle Mariano and her creative team met to conceptualize the music video for Kahit Na, Kahit Pa, they could have gone the typical route. The love song, which was written and composed by Jonathan Manao and rising singer-songwriter Trisha Denise, is a touching tune whose swaying production complements Belle’s vocals. Given the song’s themes, they could have made a visual narrative that centers on a story of a couple in love. Love comes in many forms and is not just limited to the romantic kind depicted in mainstream society. So, what does it truly mean to love?Belle and her team must have thought of this too, which is why for the music video, they decided to showcase true love in all its many different and beautiful forms.


Directed by Edrex Clyde Sanchez, the music video for Kahit Na, Kahit Pa revolves around couples and duos as they talk about their relationship before asking them to stare at each other. The video takes inspiration from Glamour’s viral video of couples starring at each other for four minutes. It also reminds of that scene in He’s Into Her where Max and Randall are interviewed together after the crew thought that they were still together. But instead of awkward conversations between two exes, the people in the music video very much like each other.

What’s admirable about the video is that instead of just featuring straight couples, it has a diverse line-up of duos whose love for each other ranges from romantic to parental. We have dating couples, married couples, parents with their children, as well as LGBTQIA+ couples. It touches upon the many different aspects of love, in a way breaking stereotypes that only love can be depicted between certain relationships. It warms the heart seeing all these people speak sweet words to each other. They may come from different backgrounds, but the love they have for each other, no matter in what form it is, is real and true.

The end of the video also offers a twist that Belle has been the one filming them the whole time. While there are brief clips of Max and Deib shown, Belle is mostly alone. But as she ends the music video with a smile, this also showcases another aspect of love, that of self-love and that we sometimes only need ourselves to feel happy and fulfilled.


It’s a touching video where it didn’t do too much but it said so much. No matter what kind of person you are, there is someone ready to love and accept you for who you are. Age, gender identity, or religion has no bearing on choosing to love and be loved. The video’s message of a love out there that you deserve is one we can all take to heart.  

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