Don’t Get It Twisted, Dexie Diaz’s Love For Cars Is The Real Deal

She's running laps with Zulu.

What started as riding in her dad’s blue manual Honda Civic became a life-long passion for Dexie Diaz.

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As much as the traffic of Metro Manila can be an actual hellscape, there are still many who live for the unapologetic thrill and vibe of being behind the wheel. When it’s just you, your car, and the open road, (and maybe a bunch of your car-loving friends too), it’s a feeling few experiences can match. And not to mention the general fun of geeking out over all things automobiles. It’s a world Dexie Diaz is well versed in.



While on the outside looking in, some might think that Dexie is just a gamer. But she’s much more than that. The streamer, cosplayer, and content creator is also an avid fan of automobiles, something she isn’t shy to showcase besides her gaming content. Dexie talks about cars quite a lot, as evidenced by how much love she shows to her famous orange Subaru BRZ. And like with many automobile enthusiasts, she has a name for her car, which she fondly calls Zulu. More than just a recent hobby, Deixe’s love of cars has been with her since her childhood and is as important to her as the platform she has built through her livestreams.

Get to know more about the car enthusiast side of Dexie in our exclusive interview with the streamer below.

When was the first time you fell in love with driving/racing cars?

When I was a kid, I loved going with my dad on his work errands just to watch him drive his blue manual Honda Civic. I even stayed awake the whole trip just to watch my dad drive. That sparked my interest in understanding cars and wanting to learn how to drive!

How would you describe the feeling whenever you’re behind the wheel?

Whenever I’m behind the wheel, I feel both free and mature. Driving is not just a hobby or passion; it’s a skill that requires accountability.



What is it about cars and being behind the wheel that you enjoy about it?

What I love about being behind the wheel is listening to good music while driving. I enjoy hearing the roar of the engine and seeing the positive reactions of people who see Zulu.

What’s the most memorable drive you’ve ever had?

There was a time I borrowed my Ninong’s car and forgot to bring my seat booster. You can imagine the struggle I experienced the whole trip with my cute height! Haha!

How do you prepare to have the stamina and energy to do what you do?

I don’t have anything special in my daily routine, but if listening to good music to start the day counts, that’s it!



Have you ever had to deal with people in the automotive industry who look down at you just because you’re streamers? If so, how do you deal with those moments?

I haven’t experienced anything harsh, but there was a time when I posted a pic of my car, and some people in the comments section gave negative opinions about my car’s setup and decals, saying things like “balik ka nalang sa ML.” I tend to ignore these kinds of comments; after all, it’s my car, my rules.

There are those who say that race car driving and car culture in general are meant for men and not women. What do you have to say to those people?

Come on! It’s already 2023; quit gender stereotyping!



Given that you’re a public figure, do you feel like there’s a pressure to meet expectations? And if so, how do you handle that?

I don’t feel any pressure right now, but if there is, maybe the pressure of feeling everyone’s eyes looking at me. I have a personality where I want to do things at my own pace. I do what I feel like doing.

What’s one thing about driving and racing cars that you wish more people would know?

Racing is not just putting your foot on the gas pedal; it’s about gaining new friends from the community, enjoying the adrenaline, and exploring something new ahead of you. It’s all about passion and doing the things that you really love to do.



What message do you have for young people out there who hope to do what you do someday?

Don’t rush things; you’ll achieve it at the right time. Don’t be like me; be better than me.

What advice would you give to new or would-be car owners on how they can properly take care of their car?

I recommend knowing the basics like road signs, understanding the dos and don’ts while on the road, and always checking your car’s condition before going for a drive. Don’t be scared of using your car frequently; it’s healthier for your vehicle to be used than being stuck in the garage.

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