criza taa being extra

4 Times Criza Taa Was the Textbook Definition of ~Extra~

She's THAT girl.

From flaunting bikinis in snow to living life in a love triangle, Criza Taa is simply being extra—and we’re here for it.

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Within celebrity culture, the notion of ‘stars, they’re like us!‘ often feels like a distant dream. I mean, they set trends in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and their day-to-day routines also appear to transcend the ordinary—case in point: Criza Taa.

With influence extending far beyond the title of Ms. GRWM and TikTok trending audios, Criza captivates audiences with her infectious humor and larger-than-life personality. Effortlessly embodying the very essence of being ~extra~, this actress and content creator leaves her followers in awe, solidifying her status as totally viral-worthy. Scroll through her feed, and you’ll find countless instances where Criza Taa redefines what it means to be a true personality in the digital age.

Birthday Babe

When it’s time for us to blow out candles, we settle for cake and maybe a few balloons. But let’s face it, Criza Taa isn’t your average celebrant; she flips the script and transforms birthdays into full-blown photoshoots. Forget the conventional party—Criza is all about serving serious looks.

Whether she’s channeling her inner goddess for her 18th birthday bash or rocking a fierce blonde bob in her latest shoot, picking a favorite is like choosing a flavor of ice cream—impossible! But one thing’s for certain: she set the bar high, and we’re eagerly anticipating the stylish surprises she has in store for us this year.

Cold AF

When folks are out there prepping for freezing temperatures, bundling up in coats and warmers, cheeky creators like Criza are turning up the heat by flaunting more skin than your usual winter-ready OOTD.

Taking cold AF to the next level, she embraced the trend of wearing bikinis in the snow, serving a nude two-piece during her recent trip to Japan. Because who needs layers when you’ve got the audacity to make snowflakes jealous?

It’s A Yes!

If there’s one thing fans adore about Criza Taa beyond her humor and lively personality, it’s her unapologetic commitment to self-love. Having been Miss Independent at a young age, she stands as proof that celebrating oneself is the ultimate act of empowerment.

And what’s the tastiest way to scream ‘yes’ to yourself? Check out her Instagram feed featuring a pretty pink cake, with the caption confidently stating, ‘I said YES to myself.’ Now, take a page from Criza’s playbook—treat yourself to a slice of self-love, with extra frosting on top!

THE Love Triangle

Whether you’re passionately shipping Criza with Harvey Bautista or cheerfully endorsing Team Onie de Guzman, the truth prevails—she’s simply living the best of both worlds with these two gents. In the midst of a love triangle, as fans debate over who deserves the title of the ‘better half,’ Criza remains the star of her own show.

Having a blast, she posts the now-iconic photo, sandwiched between the contenders like the leading lady of a rom-com. Now, as we all sit on the edge of our seats, wondering about the winner, there’s one thing we can all agree on—Criza Taa is just that extra.

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