Is Makeup Considered an Art? These Creative Filipino MUAs Say Yes

That beat is everything.

From recreating cartoon characters to portraying ethereal entities, these local MUAs prove that makeup is a work of art. 

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Within our own beauty routines, favorite foundations, and must-follow trends, we often tend to overlook the transformative power of makeup. While it may refine our features, narrowing noses and brightening eyes, the true creative potential of our makeup collections goes unnoticed. Like brushes sweeping across canvases with an array of colors, shades, and textures, some individuals harness these humble products and transform them into miniature masterpieces.

The quick question of whether makeup is deemed an art gains validation through the lenses of these local MUAs. Their vision, passion, and dedication affirm that makeup transcends mere adornment; it’s an artistic expression that consistently captivates and redefines beauty in extraordinary ways. From recreating cartoon characters to portraying ethereal entities and much more, scroll through their creations that substantiate this sentiment.

Alejandro Roberto

Over the top, camp, and avant garde: there are plenty of words to describe Alejandro Roberto Torrontegui’s makeup creations. His works exude creativity when he indulges in glamorous transformations, transcending the unconventional. This content creator’s resourcefulness shines through as he ingeniously incorporates yarns, glue guns, and beads into his repertoire, elevating his artistry to unprecedented heights. The photographs he shares showcase not just mere makeup but pieces of art worthy of gracing the glossy pages of editorial magazines.

Gerry Doctora

Gerry Doctora’s makeup artistry can be encapsulated in one word: delicate. Despite the bold exterior, this daring content creator’s approach to makeup intricately weaves together a careful play of curves and lines, challenging the perception of his creative style. In this paradox lies the essence of his artistry—a fusion of audacious flair and meticulous precision, creating a distinctive makeup narrative.


While he didn’t invent contouring, Kendra did take it to the next level. In the realm of sculpting and shadow play, he reigns supreme, and a scroll through this content creator’s gram will illustrate why. If you’re aiming for that killer eyeshadow and eyeliner look, Kendra has you covered with his sharp creations.

Peter Paul Laguisma

Angelique Manto, Kathryn Bernardo, Naomi Campbell—this makeup artist has recreated their looks and more. Peter Paul Laguisma, the creative beauty behind Looks by Peter Styles, presents a repertoire of makeup designs that blur the lines between celebrity emulation and artistic expression. Through his iconic works, this content creator inspires audiences, offering glimpses into a world where makeup becomes a conduit for channeling both celebrity allure and individual artistry.

Marsh Marlo

In the world of Marsh Marlo, it’s all about more is more. From film characters transitions to enchanting fairycore looks, this content creator is taking glam to the next level with the most vibrant gram you’ll ever encounter. All thanks to her how-to tutorials and face paint products recommendations, we’re empowered to recreate vivid versions of our artistic visions. 

Maxine Gorospe  

Whether you’re seeking everyday beauty beats or outside-the-box ideas, Maxine Gorospe is a must-follow for you. This content creator’s feed offers a little bit of everything—imagine sugar, spice, and everything nice. From cosplays to runway-ready glam and the most random concepts, what’s admirable is how she makes it all seem so wearable.

Pau Pelaez

No glam team? No problem—Pau Pelaez can run this show solo. This content creator’s portfolio reflects an artistic vision challenging traditional beauty standards. From makeup resembling real-life beauty filters to recreating Pokémon, it’s no wonder she’s going viral on TikTok.


Roleus is redefining beauty on his terms, showcasing a range from all-season glam to spine-tingling spooktober looks. This content creator’s versatility effortlessly shifts between beauty styles, ensuring that each visit to his profile unfurls a tapestry of beauty redefined and creativity unbound. Best believe that if you hit the follow button, you’ll find yourself recreating that sad clown look.

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