We Cannot Get Over How Crazy Cool These Wild Makeup Transformations On TikTok Are

Fantasies come true.

Purists and conservatives can say all what they want, but with over a billion views on TikTok, these out-of-this-world makeup transformations are here to stay. (Well, for the most part, because you can always wash off makeup after.)

At this point makeup transformations are a dime a dozen on social media, especially on TikTok. Some would even go as far as saying that as creative and expressive as it is, it has tipped to a point of saturation. While that is valid, it should be of little to concern, especially if you not only fascinated with cosmetics, but also a firm believer in its transformative and often therapeutic ways. These are primarily the reasons why audiences are not only charmed, but completely captivated by how one face can become something different in just a few deceptively simple transitions.

On TikTok alone, makeup transformations account for approximately 4.5 billion views. Yes, you read that right. Let let this be a warning though, because after one curious tap, you will be scrolling endlessly for hours on end with all the fantastic and wild looks that people are capable of. Make not mistake about it, some, if not most of these clever beats are a product of time and resourcefulness. Traditional makeup aside, never underestimate what the combination of paint, paper, glitter, and a lot of imagination can do. No, we’re not talking about a school art project here—although it is nothing short of artistic.


A Work Of Art

Visceral and vivid in its form, the content creators that pursue makeup transformations on TikTok among other social media platforms are truly inspiring. Building on the foundation of beauty and redefining it to what moves them, the works that they put out are mesmerizing, mind-blowing, and a movement in itself. Here, beauty is expanded, boundaries are pushed, and stereotypes smashed all with strokes of color, dimensions of material, and a whole lot of passion.

It may look intimidating on the onset, especially since these expressions tend to skew the fantastic in all its forms, but once you get into it, you will either want to pick up a few tips and tricks, and for some brave ones, maybe even try out a makeup transformation for themselves on TikTok. All it takes is that dash of courage and heaps of color, contour, and creativity. The underlying message for a lot of the videos you see on your For You Page is simple: do what makes you feel good and beautiful, even if it means something else completely. You do you, they say, but this time, it’s not only you who will be inspired, but those millions and billions scrolling through these truly thumb-stopping works of art.

Want to see more of these wild and out-of-this-world makeup transformations on TikTok? Look no further, we rounded them up for you. Let the creativity commence!

Drian Bautista


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♬ original sound – ?DRIAN BAUTISTA ?

Angia Laurel


My Three looks for Top 10 #MakeupIsMyVice Competition✨B&W-SEPIA-COLORFUL. – inspired by my mental health journey #MIMVTop10 #GandaforAll #MakeupPh

♬ You are perfect – ␈



HALLURRRR! HAPPY 1 MILLION!?? THANK YOU SA INYO!❤️ #alsumadsad #fyp #makeup #pinoy #viral #trend #1M #BeyondK3PYAẞ #PHMUAS

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Lenie Aycardo


Puyat yarn? Haahha Thank you so much sa tuloy tuloy na pag susupport sakin ❤️ Ilavan naten yan!!!! ##lenieaycardo

♬ Come & Get It – Selena Gomez

Rowell Erecido


The process of turning myself into a dragon. Rawrrr. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #makeup #makeuptransformation #sfxmakeup #viral #trending #pinoytiktok

♬ Ako naman muna by Angela and mixed by KD – KD Arceo



You know who you are ?❤️‍? #fyp #moana #makeuptransformation

♬ original sound – madison?

Wilmar Dizon


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Rov Mizuse


⚠️NEW TREND ALERT⚠️ Makeup inspired by aliens ??? don’t let this flop ? #RovDoesMakeup

♬ original sound – Rov Mizuse