Behind the Scenes: Get The Insider Look Into The Life Of Content Creator And Celebrity MUA, KENDRA


“If everybody is going left, go to the right—having your own path is where you find the spotlight.”

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Have you ever been told that dabbling in makeup, skincare, and all things beauty is nothing but kaartehan? Well, the beauty industry is currently chuckling at those outdated notions—and we’re not just talking about the booming market for F-beauty products.

Take a cheeky scroll through TikTok, and voila! You’ll discover a vibrant community of beauty content creators and makeup maestros turning beauty into a lifestyle (and a legit paycheck). Right in the spotlight is the fabulous Kendra, effortlessly straddling the worlds of content creation and living life as a celebrity MUA.

From secrets to routines and aspirations, gain insider insights into the meticulous processes propelling Kendra to create the captivating content and killer looks looks you’ve spotted on the runway. Ready to spill the glam tea? Scoop up the rest of our interview and discover the world of this up-and-coming creative in the beauty scene.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life as a content creator and celebrity makeup artist? What does your daily routine look like?

For my daily routine, I begin by meditating to connect with nature, absorb positive energy, and compose myself before starting my day. Breakfast is a must, as it solidifies both your energy and your creative mind.

How do you find inspiration for your content creation and makeup artistry? Are there specific sources or experiences that fuel your creativity?

I draw inspiration from various art forms, including architectural designs, raw sketches from designers, and paintings. What sets me apart from other artists is my ability to infuse my everyday life into my art. If I come across something unusual, I take a picture and spend minutes staring at it, already forming a makeup look in my mind.

Balancing content creation and working with celebrities can be demanding. How do you manage your time effectively to meet both professional demands?

I manage my time by scheduling my deadlines properly, ensuring I have enough days to produce my content. Additionally, we can schedule meetings before conducting final checks on everything.

As a makeup artist, you have likely worked with various skin tones and types. How do you ensure inclusivity and diversity in your makeup creations, both in content and when working with celebrity clients?

As a makeup artist, we should always be prepared for anything since every skin reacts differently to certain products. I make sure to have a diverse range of products in my kit to ensure inclusivity.

What are some essential tools and products you always have in your makeup kit for your celebrity clients? Any must-haves that you believe contribute to your success?

The tools and products I cannot live without are my blending brushes and eyeshadow palette. I’m renowned for my structured and detailed eye makeup. Translating a vision into someone’s eyes is my secret weapon, making it a showstopper.

Can you share a memorable or challenging experience you’ve encountered while working as a content creator and celebrity MUA? How did you overcome it?

The challenging part of my work is time management. As a content creator, I’m accustomed to working for hours until the look is complete. However, when working with celebrities, we often have limited timeframes. One strategy to streamline my process is by hiring an assistant, especially to help with minor tasks.

Social media plays a significant role in content creation. How do you engage with your audience, and what strategies do you employ to maintain their interest in your work?

I really don’t have a strategy because, as a person, I’m very friendly. I believe your audience will be loyal to you if they see you as one of them, by being relatable.

Collaboration seems to be a key aspect of your profession. How do you choose collaborations, and what do you look for in potential partners or brands?

I’m very particular, especially now, because brands are often used to x-deal collaborations, and that’s not my cup of tea. Personally, I assess the brand’s perspective on how their marketing functions. I also consider whether I will benefit from the brand, if the brand will benefit from me, or if it’s going to be a win-win situation.

The beauty community is known for its supportive yet competitive nature. How do you foster positive relationships within the industry?

It is indeed competitive, but the beauty community is not a competition. There’s no winning by being envious. As artists, we should celebrate each other’s art.

With the ever-evolving beauty industry, how do you stay updated on trends, techniques, and new products? Are there specific platforms or resources on which you rely?

As a content creator for over 5 years, I believe I’ve seen all types of content and creative briefs. Sometimes I follow trends, but more often, I prefer to create my own version of the current trend. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are great for staying updated with what’s happening in the beauty industry. Additionally, I use Pinterest for mood boards to solidify the concept I want to produce.

Your work likely involves staying ahead of beauty trends. How do you predict or identify emerging trends, and do you have any personal favorites that you believe will gain popularity?

On a personal note, I really aim to stay ahead of the curve with my looks. However, in this industry with so many creatives, standing out can be challenging. I would say, if everybody is going left, go to the right. Having your own path is where you find the spotlight.

The beauty industry has witnessed a shift towards authenticity. How do you maintain authenticity in your content while still meeting the expectations of your audience and clients?

Identity as an artist is way more important. If you know your identity as an artist, your works will come off as authentic and genuine. At the same time, they will translate and meet the expectations of your audience and clients.

Many aspiring content creators struggle with finding their niche. How did you discover your unique style and voice, and what advice do you have for those still exploring their creative identity?

At a young age, my tita would take me anywhere, like a 6-year-old traveling for a 5-hour drive. Since I was a kid, I loved exploring, seeing, and experiencing everything. I love nature and space, so I merged these two interests, and that’s where I feel like I’m out of this planet. I feel like an alien experiencing human life. That’s where my creativity comes from.

My advice for those creatives who have been struggling to find their identity is to literally bring your dream to life. Try different aesthetics and feel what’s the one that represents you as an artist.

What advice do you have for aspiring content creators and makeup artists looking to break into the industry? Are there lessons you’ve learned along the way that you wish someone had shared with you earlier in your career?

Don’t necessarily invest in the latest market trends. In 2021, I continued using my trusty old iPhone 7+, and people were amazed by the quality of the camera. Remember, practice leads to progress. Finally, embrace failure because through failure, you give yourself the opportunity to improve and become better.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any exciting projects or collaborations you have in the pipeline? What can your audience look forward to in the coming months?

Of course! Although I don’t think I’m allowed to say this, but P-POP.

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