CIX On Building An Encouraging Message In “Save Me, Kill Me” 

Realer than real.

CIX’s latest comeback was an emotional gut punch we weren’t expecting. 

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Fresh from their recent Save Me, Kill Me global tour and We Bridge Festival appearance in Las Vegas, CIX is back on the charts with the release of their OK Episode 2: I’m OK EP as the final installment of their OK series. Beginning back in 2021 with the OK Prologue: Be OK EP followed by OK Episode 1: OK Notthe OK series reaches its conclusion centering on the youth.

The group, which is composed of BX, SEUNGHUN, YONGHEE, BAEJINYOUNG, and HYUNSUK, tells as much in the title track music video Save me, Kill me which conveys each of the member’s struggles without the interruptions of visual cuts or dance breaks. As dark and heavy their storyline is, it’s in service to shed light on the real struggles in our lives and bring to the forefront normally taboo subjects, a bold and commendable move for a K-pop group. 


Aside from the theme of youth discussed in OK Episode 2: I’m OK EP, it takes listeners on a journey of finding themselves while wandering around. The values in life finding oneself, it all starts with self-care. “I think for me the most important value in life is taking care of your health,” BAEJINYOUNG admits. “But I don’t think I haven’t gotten too good at it.”

What determines personal worth and value, HYUNSUK would say it’s their music careers. “We’re able to show the talents we have and the kinds of performances we can do. [We show] what kind of unique characteristics each of the members have and we’re able to show our values that way.”  


For their latest release, the members made a series of short episodes on YouTube to visualize the concept they were going for. These are four short episodes starting with the episode titled FORGIVENESS OF ENLIGHTENMENT and then ending with Puro e disposto a salire a le stelle. Each of these short episodes begins with a public service announcement with a trigger warning of assault, self-harm, and death. 

“But with this storyline continuation, each of our characters had different emotions with different stories to portray,” SEUNGHUN says. “We wanted to send an encouraging message to those going through hard times. And because we are the youth of this generation [at the same time], I felt encouraged and supported while recording songs for this EP.” 

Their entire universe is inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy. It’s no comedic storyline though as it’s from the narrator’s perspective by taking their journey through three parts; Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. BX elaborates, “[For this release], we’re taking our journey to heaven. We’re in the process of getting away sins [like being washed away] from our sins.”

It’s a deep subject matter for no doubt, but as YOUNGHEE teases, their next chapters will delve into the lighter side of life. “Our plan for our next release is going to be focused more on the story of heaven. We’ll take more deeply about that journey and process regarding the heavens,” he reveals, as the group expresses their excitement to show their fans that they can relate to their story and journey. 


As artists progress throughout their music careers, there’s always a sense of excitement or nervousness when working on a new song or choreography. BAEJINYOUNG proudly says, “We’re more excited than nervous because we just wanna learn, record, and go on stage as soon as possible.” With a few years already under their belt, the jitters slowly dissipate when it’s time to make new music or prepare for a performance. “We gain more confidence going into the studio, the practice room, and every time we learn something new.”

They say the greatest storytellers are the best entertainers. And CIX is staying close to that lane with the birth of topics featured in their music. While the quintet has its fair share of bright bops, they also know when to get serious. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as we all deal with the struggles and challenges that come our way. HYUNSUK says that their group’s way of relaying their story is an “indirect story to our fans [more like hints] of the whole picture. [I think] our fans have more fun with it by guessing the different pieces almost like making a puzzle.”

As of this writing, CIX has reached the end of their album promotions, which means a time for the group to recharge their energies. According to SEUNGHUN, their plans will focus around, “Taking care of our health now that the promotional period is over… [July] is our 4th anniversary [debuting as a group] and we’re planning around that.” 

But Filipino Fix (the name of CIX’s fandom) won’t have to wait too long for their faves as CIX is slated to perform at the Araneta Coliseum on July 23 as part of the Be You 3 benefit concert. With that, this is what YOUNGHEE had to say to the Pinoy Fixs. “We hope to visit the Philippines and I promise once we go over and see you guys, we’re gonna make a lot of memories. Please look forward to that!”

Photos courtesy of C9 Entertainment

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