Chinoy Artists Welcome The Year Of The Rabbit With Exhibit, ‘Auspicious Beginnings 88’

Repping Chinoy talent!

Presented by Art Lounge Manila, Auspicious Beginnings 88 sees Filipino-Chinese artists ushering the Chinese Lunar New Year with works about peace and stability.

While the Lunar New Year is mostly celebrated and observed in the Philippines by the Filipino-Chinese community, a lot of full-blooded Filipinos also take note of what the new year brings based on the Chinese zodiac and follow the advices of the feng shui experts on what would bring them prosperity this 2023. And this longing for positive energy and a more peaceful and prosperous life this new year is what’s foregrounded at the art exhibit titled, Auspicious Beginnings 88, by a group of Filipino Chinese artists. Mounted at Art Lounge Manila, this rich collection of works by the Chinoy community looks to give you an aesthetic experience that will hopefully (fingers crossed!) bring you some good luck.

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Auspicious Beginnings 88 poster

There is no denying that Chinese customs are deeply embedded in and intertwined with the multifaceted Filipino culture. Evident in our food (your favorite siomai and siopao), in our language (pancit is from a Hokkien word pian-e-cit, which means a dish that’s conveniently cooked), and our values (how we call our elder siblings ate or kuya is actually influenced by the Chinese), the Chinese culture is very much a part of our being Filipinos. Heck, we even have the oldest Chinatown in the world. 

Yet even though the Chinese way has contributed a lot and has been integrated into the Pinoy culture—economically, culturally, and politically—for more than half a millennia now, the Filipino-Chinese or the Chinoy community has still managed to maintain and celebrate their unique and diverse heritage. One of the ways that this gets manifested is through the Chinese Lunar New Year, which is probably the ultimate celebration of the Chinoys. 

Sentinels by Ed Uygongco

Local art gallery Art Lounge Manila captures the rich essence of this cultural event through the exhibition, Auspicious Beginnings 88, which spotlights the works from various talented Chinoy artists in the archipelago. As the name of the art show suggests, the visual presentation provides a space for contemplation on how to begin the path towards a successful and abundant future.

Curated by Filipino-Chinese visual artist Addie Cukingnan, Auspicious Beginnings 88 highlights the incoming year of the Water Rabbit through intricate and ruminative pieces that depict the wish of good luck, peace, stability, and prosperity that 2023 is expected to bring. With a great selection of contemporary Chinoy creatives, the exhibition will treat the audience to a wide array of subjects and styles which blend different media and go beyond the traditional Chinese ink and paper methods. 

Auspicious Beginnings 88 includes works from Addie Cukingnan, Meneline Wong, Charlie Co, Ronnie Lim, Dexter Sy, Rudy Yu, Ed Uygongco, Seb Chua, Elena Coyiuto, Tracie Anglo Dizon, Jo Uygongco, Victor Ng, Kylo Yu, Winna Go, and Margarita Lim. The exhibition will run from January 18 – 31, 2023 at Art Lounge Manila at Podium, Ortigas Center. To know more about the especially Chinoy exhibit, visit the Art Lounge Manila website. You may also check their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details about the event.

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