Celebrities who covered juan karlos' ERE ere cover

7 Celebs Who Bodied Their Cover Of Juan Karlos’ Megahit ‘ERE’

Who sang "nakakaputangina" best?

Juan Karlos’ ‘ERE’ has got everyone singing their hearts out. From Kyle Echarri to Lukas Graham, here are some of our favorite celebrity ‘ERE’ covers.

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The record-breaking hit single ERE by juan karlos has made waves all over social media, streaming services, and even stages across the nation. It’s got everyone singing “Oh, ‘di ba / Nakakaputangina…” or using the song as a backing track to some of the most swear-inducing moments of their lives.

Did juan karlos anticipate how huge the song was going to get? In an interview with Billboard Philippines, the singer revealed that once a song is out, it’s—in a way—no longer his. “I don’t have anything to do with it anymore,” juan karlos said. All he wanted to do was put his feelings into a song and release it, with no expectation regarding its success or virality.

But ERE became a smash hit, and everyone knows at least some of its most famous lines. These artists, below, however, went above and beyond and sang their own version of the song in their own unique ways. From Kyle Echarri to Lukas Graham, here are some celebs who covered juan karlos’ ERE.


@daaaaayana_ tatlong bilyon ikaw lang ang aking gusto!!!!!@echarripapi #kyleecharri ♬ ERE – juan karlos

Kyle Echarri may be killing the acting game lately, but let’s not forget he’s also a talented singer and got his start singing on The Voice Kids, much like juan karlos himself. Bringing the vibes to AirAsia’s PasGoGoGo Fest, Kyle launched into a heartfelt performance of ERE, showing off his impressive vocal range and emotion. The artist also sang the song again on the ASAP Natin ‘To stage a month earlier. Biggest juan karlos fan award goes to him, actually.


@abscbn The collab we never knew we needed! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #Kapamilya #ABSCBN #ForeverGratefulChristmasSpecial #ABSCBNChristmasSpecial2023 #FYP #Ere #KyleEcharri #JK ♬ original sound – ABS-CBN

We weren’t kidding. Kyle sings the song again, this time in a spectacular duet with his good friend, Senior High co-star, and original ERE singer juan karlos. Their fun performance turned into a sing-off, and each of them genuinely looked elated at each other’s singing. JK and Kyle were eventually joined on stage by other young leading stars Elijah Canlas, Zaijan Jaranilla, Grae Fernandez, and more.


@cinemabravoph ‘O, DI BA? NAKAKAPUSANG-GALA!’ WATCH: #SB19’s Pablo sings his cover of Juan Karlos’ “Ere” at the first #ShopeeSuperAwardsPH. This is his first-ever solo engagement as a performer. #SalamatShopeeFam @Shopee Philippines ♬ original sound – CinemaBravo

At the Shopee Super Awards, and his first solo engagement no less, Pablo Nase of SB19 sang a surprise cover of ERE. Emotional and heartfelt, the singer showed off sensational talent and stable, stirring vocals. That vibrato, though!


Singer-songwriter Dia Maté posted her own short, stripped-down version of ERE, channeling the hurt and bitterness that makes the song what it is.


Arthur Nery sang his own rendition of the song (feat. a vacuum cleaner), his silky voice echoing in a dark room. His notes were floaty and enchanting, offering a slow, acapella twist to the alt-rock track. ERE (Arthur’s Version) – 2 a.m. Version when?


@glaixdeestan Glaiza de Castro's live version of "Ere" by Juan Karlos (@juan karlos)❤️‍🔥 so soooo good my love @Glaiza De Castro, we need a studio version! 😩💘 #bading #pirena #glaizadecastro #juankarlos #jklabajo #ere ♬ original sound – xxglaichaxx – glaixdeestan
@aprilmartin01 Ere (cover) by Glaiza De Castro 🤍 "No copyright infringement intended" #GlaizaDeCastro #Ere #Aromagicare #SlayZone #WideInternational ♬ original sound – April Martin

Glaiza de Castro’s deep, haunting vocals are a welcome addition to the viral hit, lending to it a different kind of strength and power. She performed the song twice live, and each time, the actress and singer’s low notes and buildup to the peak of the song gave us goosebumps.


@moiradelatorre #stitch with @JERGE hahahahahahahahahah @juan karlos @I Belong To The Zoo @dia maté ♬ original sound – Moira Dela Torre

The Pinay singer-songwriter hilariously stitched a TikTok of someone singing ERE “Moira style,” sharing her own soft, charming version of the song, accompanied by juan karlos himself softly strumming a guitar. Who knew “nakakaputangina” could sound so sweet?


@islandrecordsph #Ere by @juan karlos feat. @Lukas Graham 🔥 💯 #LukasGrahamInManila #lukasgraham #ere ♬ ERE – juan karlos

In a surprise performance, Danish pop band Lukas Graham invited juan karlos to the stage and they sang ERE together at the Lukas Graham concert back in October. They even shared a snippet of JK teaching Lukas the song, prompting people to comment on how he’s learning swear words in the language first. (He was down for it.)

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