These Celebs and Content Creators Were Head-Turners at BYS Fashion Week 2023


Nadine Lustre, Mimiyuuuh, James Reid, SB19, and more – we’re still not over the best-dressed celebs and content creators at BYS Fashion Week 2023.

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While some may look to the streets of Milan and Paris for the latest in style, the Filipino fashion scene is making its mark with our own models, runways, and artists. For its second edition, BYS Fashion Week showcased the biggest names in local fashion on its runways—plural.

Last weekend, celebrities and content creators gathered in celebration of Filipino fashion inspired by the multitude of a makeup palette. From larger-that-life statement details to scrap fabrics, we’re seeing the creations of Antonina, Ha.muRafa Worldwide, Neric BeltranCheetah Rivera, and Chris Nick here and there. Now, let’s look back to the best-dressed guests of BYS Fashion Week 2023.

Nadine Lustre

RAFA WORLDWIDE takes center stage with the debut of Hyperballad during BYS Fashion Week. With larger-than-life creations characterized by scrap materials and structured silhouettes, the final showstopper was a cherry dress worn by Nadine Lustre. Look closely, the beads were carefully crafted with recycled paper.


Mimiyuuuh walked the BYS Fashion Week runway back-to-back with Filipino fashion houses, RAFA WORLDWIDE and ḢA.MÜ. True to her style, the content creator took over Instagram with the caption ‘LIVING MY BELLA HADID DREAM kimmmmyyyyyyyy!‘ While donning one of the boldest looks from both collections with a fierce face, we couldn’t help but agree that she’s cooking Bella Hadid realness.

Marina Summers

Embodying elegance, Marina Summers wore a Chris Nick ensemble for BYS Fashion Week. With an all-black dress adorned with bows, the fan-favorite drag queen is serving sweet and sultry.

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano had a proud sister moment while watching EJ Nacion open the show for Cheetah Rivera Studio. Well, that isn’t the only BYS Fashion Week moment we’re getting from the actress. Wearing an all-black jumper with thigh-high boots and a silver handbag, she’s definitely living in her star girl era, red hair included.


While performing at a runway show is a moment in itself, SB19 takes center stage with their Neric Beltran bespoke pieces. Drawing inspiration from the classic concept of ‘something blue,’ the Kings of P-Pop stepped onto the aisle, donning Beltran’s unconventional creations. Each ensemble is perfectly tailored to reflect their distinct personal styles; now, we’re obsessing over those larger-than-life bows, flat florals, and blooming bouquets. It’s a weird way to propose—but, yes.

Mika Salamanca

While the ‘little black dress’ has had its time in the spotlight over the years, Mika Salamanca is now giving white dresses their well-deserved moment. The content creator made appearances throughout the fashion weekend, but the standout fan-favorite is her Day 4 LWD look. Accessorized with pearls and a matching bow in her hair, we’re witnessing a different and stunning side of her personal style.

James Reid

Closing the rain and regret-themed show of ANTONINA, James Reid rolled down the runway in mesh, leather, and a pierced face. The Careless co-founder could add this event highlight to his long list of accomplishments. At this point, is there anything he can’t do?

Zoie Garcia

Whenever we think of fashion content creators, Zoie Garcia would always be on the list—and she proved just why with all these looks for BYS Fashion Week. If we could choose faves between a futuristic look and a babydoll dress, we’re going for this Sean Betco bandana top and patch skirt.

Justin Bangsil

If Britney Spears’ all-denim moment and Elle Fanning’s giant gold chain had a baby, it would look like Justin Bangsil’s bold choice for BYS Fashion Week. Wearing Mikael Edwardo, the content creator donned a larger-than-life denim chain with a matching denim tie top. If I only had one word to describe this? Iconic.

Cess Tan

The rundown of best-dressed personalities would be incomplete without Cess Tan. The content creator started the fashion weekend strong with a Mark Tamayo dress and pearl-embellished hair by Mark Rosales. This moment alone redefines mermaid realness.

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