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Who’s Dating Who? 5 Celebrities Who Have Hard Launched Their Partners

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When celebrity relationships are closely followed by the public eye, the concept of the power couple has reached new heights—all thanks to hard launching.

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In today’s entertainment era, where love stories usually unfold in the public eye, fans can’t seem to get enough of the romantic escapades of their favorite stars. While some celebrity couples keep their romance under the radar, others dive headfirst into what we affectionately call a hard launch.

The term has become our go-to expression whenever someone spills the beans about their recent relationship and goes all-in, making their swoon-worthy story public. Whether it’s a celebrity sharing selfies on social media or strutting down the red carpet arm in arm, we’re always all ears for the latest scoop on the next power pair. That said, take a scroll through our list of the best celebrity couples who went hard with their hard launches.

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon were among the first celebrity couples of last year. These two initially shared the screen in the 2020 series A Soldier’s Heart, and, soon after, had us all playing detective when dating rumors started swirling in December 2022. From sly sightings to a full-on family vacation in La Union, the evidence simply spoke volumes.

And guess what? The actor confirmed their relationship status with the breakout star of Fan Girl in a January 2023 interview when Carlo Aquino was in full movie-promo mode. According to the man himself, their story kicked off right after they touched down in the Philippines post-Star Magic’s US tour. With that kind of hard launch, the I Love Lizzy leading man set the bar high for other celebrity couples.

Coco Martin and Julia Montes

After a decade of keeping their lips sealed about their rumored romance, Coco Martin finally acknowledged that he has been in a relationship with Julia Montes for a whopping 12 years. Whew, these two took lowkey to another level!

Expressing his sentiments in a TV Patrol interview, the Batang Quiapo actor remarked, “Napakasarap ng pakiramdam dahil ito, 12 years na kaming magkasama, pero pareho pa rin gaya ng dati.”

Dia Mate and Juan Karlos

Juan Karlos turned this Valentine’s Day into a spectacle, pulling off a hard launch that left the town talking. Known for his love affair with motorcycles, the ERE hitmaker flaunted his soft side alongside Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite 2024 candidate and musician Dia Mate. Picture this: balaclavas, a red heart caption, and a whole mood that screamed love in every pixel – all in his February 14, 2024, post.

As if that weren’t enough to spotlight the now-public status of their relationship, the new celebrity couple went a step further by sharing recent rooftop date snippets on the ‘gram—moments that had fans swooning. Now, that’s definitely a Valentine’s Day to remember!

James Reid and Issa Pressman

James Reid and Issa Pressman sparked a flurry of dating rumors by sharing snapshots of their rendezvous at a Harry Styles concert, complete with hand-holding antics. Yet, these snapshots didn’t just fuel speculation about their budding romance; they also reignited the rumor mill that had previously churned during the Careless Music CEO’s January 2020 breakup. Faced with a digital storm of whispers and clicks, James took the reins of his Instagram to set the record straight.

In a move that wasn’t exactly the textbook definition of a smooth ‘hard launch’ into relationship territory, the actor declared, “I feel the need to speak up now because this is the start of something beautiful. And I’m not gonna let anyone take that from me.” Since that moment of digital defiance, James and Issa have taken their romance out of the shadows. Talk about turning the rumor mill on its head!

Leren Bautista and Ricci Rivero

After weathering the twists and turns of his recent breakup, Ricci Rivero has decided to put an end to the suspense and finally launched his relationship with Leren Bautista. In a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to the Los Baños, Laguna councilor, the basketball player expressed, “With all the wrongs hounding me, I’m blessed to have found the right one. Allow me to shield you from things you don’t deserve.”

Reflecting on the time when their relationship was merely speculated, particularly when they were spotted together at an outreach program, Ricci affirmed, “I love seeing how you genuinely continue to help and care for people every day despite others trying to ruin your reputation. Rest assured I will be with you in inspiring people to always be better. Thank you for being so selfless and simple.”

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