Bringing Home The Bacon: Celebrities Who Became The Breadwinners Of Their Family At A Young Age

They secured the bag to help their family.

Showbiz isn’t all glitz and glam as these celebs not only work hard, but have become the breadwinners of their family.

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While some people may see the celebrity lifestyle as limited to the rich and famous, that isn’t a universal case for people in the showbiz industry. In fact, quite a few stars and personalities began their careers in the limelight while their families struggled to make ends meet. The entertainment industry therefore became the tool for these celebrities to help out their family, often being the main providers of the household. The fame and success behind some stars is the fact that they had to work in order to support their families and help keep them afloat. Here then are nine local celebrities who became the main breadwinners of their family at a young age.


While Francine Diaz is seen as a certified star today, that wasn’t the case when she began her career. Growing up as the third of six siblings, she and her family struggled to make ends meet and afford basic necessities. They even had to ask to borrow money from their neighbors from time to time. Francine ended up becoming the breadwinner of the family at just 10 years old to support her family. But despite all the obstacles in her way, she persevered and worked hard to reach her current status. Francine was even able to achieve her goal of buying her family a house and car. Now, she is dreaming bigger and has plans to buy a second home.


When Maymay Entrata won her season of PBB, not only did she establish herself as a future superstar, but she also did something many children hope for, she brought her family out of tough times. Since then, her career has continued to flourish as her family continues to live a comfortable life. Maymay’s success is more touching knowing that her mom had to become an OFW in Japan to provide for the family.


While Kyline Alcantara may be known as a top teen star, her beginnings in the industry were anything but a fairytale. Acting since she was a kid, Kyline didn’t have the best childhood as her parents struggled to make ends meet. Kyline had to make do with what she had whenever she booked minor roles on TV shows. She used her earnings to help keep the family afloat.  But thanks to booking her breakout role in Kambal, Karibal, not only was Kyline on the fast track to stardom, she could also more comfortably give the life she wanted for her family.


Seth Fedelin is a family man through and through. Following his stint as a PBB housemate in 2018, Seth quickly embark on a showbiz career that also saw him support his family in Cavite. Despite how big the actor has become, he always harkens back to helping his family during their times of need.


Like with many on this list, Jane De Leon’s story is one of rags to riches. Growing up, her family went through tough times as they struggled with money concerns. It got to the point where Jane and her family were barely eating anything as they didn’t have the money to afford food. She and her mom even slept in the ABS-CBN dressing rooms in order to save money on transportation. And their challenges weren’t helped when Jane’s dad passed away in 2016.

But as the breadwinner of her family, Jane knew she couldn’t give up. So, she worked her way up the showbiz ladder, eventually landing a major role with her portrayal as Darna m, which is her biggest and most high profile to date. With this rise in her career also saw Jane be able to help her family more, even managing to help build a new home for them.


Andrea Brillantes was a known figure on TV as far back as she was a child. And behind the scenes, Blythe also served as her family’s main provider, saving up where she can to support her mom and siblings. Not only did she grow up without a father figure, she also had to deal with the pressures of supporting your family. Being a public figure at a young age, as well as your family’s breadwinner is not easy, but all efforts paid off in the end now that Blythe and her family live a comfortable life. She was even able to afford to buy her family a new home thanks to her recent breakout roles. After all the hard work, she and her family finally gets to enjoy a space of their own.


Nadine’s family has always been important to the multi-hyphenate star. In fact, at 11 years old, Nadine Lustre became the breadwinner of her family. She supported her family by taking on jobs in and outside of showbiz. And thanks to her breakout role in Diary ng Panget, Nadine saw her career reach even greater heights and be a better provider for her family. These days, the award-winning actress is a true superstar that continues to conquer the acting world, as well as expanding her empire to other fields like music and business.


Most of us probably remember Zaijan Jaranilla as good kid Santino in May Bukas Pa. And after all these years, the 21-year-old is still active in the industry and appearing in highly rated series. Zaijan though isn’t just a former child star who successfully transitioned into young adulthood. He’s also the breadwinner of the family. Since his early days as a kid actor, Zaijan has been helping provide for his family. “Lahat ng kung anong meron ako, dapat meron din sila,” shared Zaijan in an interview on Magandang Buhay. While seeing his parents separate at a young age must have been tough, he pushed through to give his family the comfortable life they have.


Thanks to appearing as a contestant on Pinoy Big Brother, Loisa Andalio quickly made a name for herself as a teen star. But with this sudden rise in fame also came the pressures of being the breadwinner of her family. In an interview on Magandang Buhay, she shared how not being able to find work during the pandemic affected her as she wasn’t able to support her family. But Loisa soon rebounded, appearing in shows Unloving U and The Goodbye Girl.


When Liza Soberano was starting out in the industry, she was just another fresh face looking to make it big. Aside from that though, she also supported her family through her acting and commercial work. Liza has shared that sacrificing her teen years for her career and being the main provider of her family took a toll on her. But today, she is now a certified international star who is set to make her Hollywood feature film debut soon.


After going viral on social media, Mimiyuuh has established herself as a top content creator, fashion designer, brand endorser, and businesswoman. This fame has brought Mimi success and used that give one of the greatest gifts a child can give, giving back to your parents. She bought a dream home for her family and surprised her parents with their very own car. The wildly popular and relatable creator has a heart of gold and is a loving child and sibling.


Most kids at 11 years old were probably thinking about games or their homework. But for Pia Wurtzbach, she had to worry about providing for her family. At that young age, she was already the breadwinner of her family, taking on odd jobs she can find as well as the work she got from her modeling and acting gigs. All of Pia’s hard work did pay off in the end when in 2015, her whole life changed by becoming Miss Universe 2015 (and not to mention being part of one of the most iconic competition slip-ups in history). We have a feeling the renowned beauty queen isn’t struggling too much these days to support her family.

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