pista ng kapuluan

Celebrate Filipino Heritage In This Communal Film Festival

Relax and get back to your Filipino roots.

Take some time and immerse yourself with the diverse and colorful Filipino culture.

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To celebrate the National Film Month and Philippine Creatives Industries Month, Tayo Change Youth Agency collaborated with Alabang Town Center (ATC) to hold a youth-curated Filipino art and film festival dubbed, Kamalayan: Pista ng Kapuluan, from September 25 to 30, 2022.


The festival seeks to “create a visual environment of exploration on Filipino Identity for young people and those young at heart, against the backdrop of globalization,” the organization’s media kit explained. It also aims to help raise funds for the Lake Sebu School of Living Traditions (SLT), a T’boli cultural center in Poblacion, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. 

This is in line with the Kapuluan ng Kabataan campaign of Kids for Kids, TAYO’s non-government organization (NGO) counterpart, which focuses on creating conducive spaces for children to learn creative skills and connect to their culture. 

Pista ng Kapuluan has exhibited and debuted regional films from all around the archipelago which foreground the Filipinos’ diverse and colorful cultural experiences. This is a part of their efforts to help young Filipinos gain a deep and purposeful appreciation of their nation’s artistry. 

The festival also coincides with the soft launch of Alabang Town Center’s Generation Townie campaign which aims to support the creative and nation-building projects of young Filipinos.


The films are played and looped within a cube installation called Kaha ng Kapuluan, a box-style theater that is at once immersive and communal. There is also community wall where the visitors can write and share their own symbols and interpretation of culture. A booth with cultural products from the LST is also available at the event as a part of the fundraiser.

Some of the films that are part of their line-up include Shai Advincula’s Tembong, Mijan Jumalon’s Ola, Xeph Suarez’s Si Astri Maka Si Tambulah, Louise ISsabel Mendoza’s PULANGUI, Mary Ann Gabisan’s Habi, Jeffrie Po’s Consequences of a Man, and the award-winning film K’na The Dreamweaver by Ida Del Mundo among other titles. The films were curated by Tayo’s Cultural Director Bjork Calao, Tayo’s Director Luna Mendoza, and Jay Roses from the Pasalidahay Film Collective.

You can visit the Filipino film festival at the ATC Activity Center until September 30. Admission is free. To know more about Pista ng Kapuluan, you can visit Kamalayan’s Facebook page.

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