Make These 5 Sports and Workouts Approved By Celebs and Creators Your New Personality This Summer

Make These 5 Sports and Workouts Approved By Celebs and Creators Your New Personality This Summer

Get moving!

Itching to try a new sport or workout this summer? Look no further than these celeb- and creator-approved sports.

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Sports and fitness trends change as often as fashion trends do. Remember the days CrossFit was huge? Now, we’ve got spin classes and Pilates and virtual reality workouts—all valid forms of movement. Different people swear by different sports, exercises, and workouts, and once someone finds one that they enjoy, it seems less of a tiring chore and more of an enjoyable activity.

More people going outside to run or cycle or join sports events can be seen as a response to the pandemic. People want to get plenty of fresh air, move around, and do all that with other people like their friends. The heat these days makes it less enjoyable, but regardless, it’s great that people are exercising and taking steps to pursue more active lifestyles. If you’re looking to change up your own lifestyle and reap the benefits, or to just try out a new sport, check out some of these celebrity- and content creator-approved sports and exercises below.


@janinavelap running slump 🙅🏻‍♀️ eras tour running challenge 🫶🏻 took it easy and enjoyed the music with @gatoradeph no sugar 💦 #GetFitwithGatoradeNoSugar ♬ original sound – janina vela ♡

Running is an age-old workout. But these days, it seems as if more and more people are joining marathons, pushing to finish more kilometers every run, going to parks and universities with their partners and friends to jog, run, or sprint. Whether as a fun run for good causes, as training for marathons, or just a way to get moving and get blood pumping, running is beloved by influencers like Janina Vela, celebs, and your friends alike. It’s easy to try, and one of the more accessible workouts.


@aynbernos Let’s bike together from Quezon City to Nuvali 🥹😭 #biking VLOG!!!!!!! #triathlontraining #cycling ♬ original sound – Ayn Bernos

Besides being a full workout, cycling is also a mode of transport we should be encouraging as a society. It’s cheaper, more economical, and is pollution-free. Biking as an aerobic exercise yields plenty of benefits to the cardiovascular system, your muscles, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Plus, you get to feel the wind whip by as you slice through the air. If you’re not into doing it outside, try a stationary bike or a spin class!


The now-frequent emergence of those colorful rock walls on your friends’ Instagram Stories are indication of the bouldering and rock climbing boom in Metro Manila. Even South Korean actor Sang-heon Lee got to trying out a couple of the climbing gyms in the city! Bouldering and rock climbing are not only tough workouts that require both upper- and lower-body strength, but they’re also an exercise for the brain as you try to problem solve and navigate the routes on the different rock formations.


Channel your inner Zendaya in Challengers (2024) as you pick up tennis, or your inner Kathryn Bernardo as you serve in badminton. Racket sports are both classic and yet new kinds seem to be picking up in popularity every once in a while. So maybe even try picking up a more obscure, lesser known racket sport like pickleball or racquetball. They have plenty of the benefits that exercise provides a human body, and are great cardio workouts. Plus, plenty of them are played indoors, so you don’t have to face the sun if you don’t want to.


From Janine Gutierrez to SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, Pilates is well-loved all around the world. It’s actually pretty hardcore, the full-body workout’s intensity is attributed to the concentration needed and all the muscle groups that need to be working together, from your core to your legs to your shoulders. But it’s an exercise that not only tones and strengthens the core, but also relieves muscle tension and improves flexibility.

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