Cute and Comfy: 7 Casual Celeb OOTDs for Your Next On-Site Class

A dress code-approved slay.

From the effortlessly chic Vivoree Esclito to the style-savvy Janella Salvador, let’s dive into a curated collection of fashion formulas you’ve been craving for those bustling back-to-school mornings.

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Four months into back-to-school season, the daily struggle of putting together the perfect outfit within the confines of a dress code may have left you fashionably fatigued. Midterms, recitations, and late-night assignments can make crafting the ideal OOTD the last thing on your mind as you groggily face your morning routine.

As online classes make way for the return of on-site sessions, bidding adieu to the pambahay core OOTDs becomes inevitable. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a style guide featuring fashion inspiration from our favorite celebrities. From the chic Chie Filomeno to the style-savvy Janella Salvador and many more, let’s dive into a curated collection of fashion formulas that are effortless, easy, and perfect for everyday styling. Scroll through the wardrobe essentials you’ve been craving for those bustling back-to-school mornings.

Athletic and Cool

Elevate your style game by tapping into your inner athlete with the inclusion of a versatile varsity jacket in your wardrobe rotation. Take a cue from the fashion prowess of Vivoree Esclito and Allen Ansay, who effortlessly demonstrate the transformative power of this simple staple. Regardless of the color you choose, the varsity jacket stands out as the perfect piece for those breezy walks on campus.

Follow their lead and consider layering it over something subtle, like an all-black outfit or a classic tee, allowing your varsity jacket to serve as the ultimate pop of color. For that extra character, why not add your initials, turning this fashion staple into a statement uniquely your own?

Big Blazers

We’re way past those days when blazers were reserved solely for presentations or thesis defenses. In today’s style scene, a big blazer is the go-to item for that unmistakable oomph into your OOTD. Drawing inspiration from the sophisticated styles of Chie Filomeno and Kathryn Bernardo, this fashion-forward piece acts as this final kicker, seamlessly adding a touch of refinement to your everyday class casuals. Now, watch as it effortlessly transforms your look from ordinary to extraordinary, making a bold statement without uttering a single word.

Cute and Comfy Cardigans

When faced with the chill of relentless air conditioning in freezing classrooms, steer clear of the comfort conundrum by opting for cute and comfy cardigans—a choice favored by Brent Manalo and Joshua Garcia. These wardrobe essentials redefine the notion of a laidback look, guaranteeing that you remain stylish without compromising comfort during those extended on-site sessions. From not-so-plain patterns to muted tones, there’s a cardigan to suit every style preference, affirming that you can be both fashion-forward and snug in the lecture hall.

Good Graphic Tees

There’s no fashion dilemma that a good graphic tee can’t fix. Showcase your personality with prints, a favorite fashion statement of Daniela Stranner and Janella Salvador. When there are witty slogans, parodical logos, and artistic designs, let your t-shirt speak volumes about your vibrant style. Just take note of school-friendly sketches for this one.

LWD and Loafers

If you’re into something simple yet elegant, try a little white dress paired with loafers—a laidback look favored by Bella Racelis and Julia Barretto. Just in time for the holiday season, effortlessly transition from class casuals to out-of-school hangouts with this ensemble.

Plaid Perfection

Nothing screams the academia aesthetic more than a gingham or plaid pattern. As demonstrated by Belle Mariano and Andrea Brillantes, these patterns add a touch of playfulness to your OOTD without undermining the fact that you’re here for business. Their versatility balances professionalism with a touch of personality, making them the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing scholarly vibes. To say the least, this guarantees your spot as a standout student.

White Tee and Jeans

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Take a cue from Kaori Oinuma and Kyle Echarri with a classic combo—white tees paired with well-fitted jeans. Whether you’re keeping it clean with sneakers or completing the look with accessories, this timeless pairing is comfortable, casual, and effortlessly stylish.

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