According To Chie Filomeno, Here’s How to Look Chic In An All-White OOTD

What's her go-to color? Take a wild guess.

An all-white outfit is a fashion formula that transcends seasons, effortlessly blending into your everyday staples. Chic case in point: Chie Filomeno’s OOTDs.

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What’s one outfit that looks stylish throughout the seasons? A white monochromatic ensemble. No matter what your mother might have told you, this fit formula isn’t limited to the office or funerals. Think about it—with busy schedules and morning madness, when you feel like you have ‘nothing to wear,’ going back to the basics is your best bet. Confirming this thesis: Chie Filomeno.

From sultry to street style, this celebrity knows how to turn heads with her sartorial statements. Along with her hubadera attitude and killer confidence, Chie Filomeno is must-follow for some fashion-forward advice. So, feel free to scroll through her styling approach to an all-white outfit for your next OOTD.

A Not-So-Blushing Bride

She’s not a blushing bride, but we can all agree that this white dress was meant for Chie Filomeno. The way she effortlessly embodies the grace of the garment transcends traditional connotations. Paired with a Bulgari bag and a dazzling diamond set, the actress proves that wearing white doesn’t have to be taken too seriously.

Basic + Basic

An all-white OOTD doesn’t have to be complicated. When nothing seems to make sense in your closet, take this cue and blend basics together. After all, tube tops and a pair of white pants are considered style staples for a reason.

Feeling Feminine

A white skirt and a white top are the perfect pair for when you’re feeling feminine. When you’re too tired of playing safe at work or school, channel your inner Chie Filomeno with an-all white set for a change.

Hot in Harbour City

If the all-white party isn’t an all-day affair, your best bet is this transitional day-to-night look we’re observing on Chie. While we might not be sailing across the Harbour City anytime soon, we’re certainly loving this monochromatic moment that’s perfect for business brunches, dinner dates, and after-parties.

She’s Summer Ready

Even though she’s always runway-ready, Chie Filomeno knows that a white bikini is a beach babe’s staple. As this poolside photo is sure to make you crave a weekend getaway, don’t forget to pack your two-piece swimsuit along with gold accessories to elevate your look.

Street and Sultry

White street style is characterized by clean lines, minimalist accessories, and an overall sense of effortlessness. When you’re feeling edgy but not in the mood for dark feminine energy, take a page from Chie Filomeno’s book and pull out the little top and big bottom fashion formula.

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