Figuring Out Your Career Path In The Midst Of A Pandemic? Bianca Gonzalez Is Here To Help

Figuring Out Your Career Path In The Pandemic? Bianca Gonzalez Is Here To Help At The NYLON Manila Career Fair

Paano ba ‘to?

Host, author, and an ate to the youth, Bianca Gonzalez is all set to guide you in your career concerns, especially one challenged by the pandemic, at the upcoming NYLON Manila Career Fair.

Trailing a generation that put a premium on perfection, life was for the most part mapped out in points of certainty. But what happens when one faces an inevitable crossroads, one that manifests in many forms, in career especially? With standards and rigors put in place, there was little to no room for doubts—you simply had to hunker down and tick the boxes society dictated. While it was certainly productive and for the most part, progressive, there was a sense of unfeeling to it. Simply put, things had to be done because this was the way of life. Significant strides and barrels of breakthroughs later, we have come to recognize and respect the inevitable in-betweens and questions such as “what if,” “what about,” or in the case of Bianca Gonzalez, “paano ba ‘to?”

No stranger to asking the tough questions, as well as of helping the youth in many an overwhelming context, Bianca Gonzalez is expanding the conversations concerning careers amidst a colossal crisis that continues to this very day. With hosting stints in Wazzup Wazzup and Y Speak, helming Meg magazine as Editor-in-Chief, and authoring Paano Ba ‘To?!, a guide to help you survive growing up, the host knows a thing or two about navigating what comes next, especially since she herself has gone through it.  


Ready When You Are

On her Paano Ba To podcast, Bianca Gonzalez asked: “Are you one of the maaaany people thinking about a career move this pandemic?” Speaking to thought leaders, they talked about the thought process that surrounds such an overwhelming and all-important decision. If you find yourself at a loss on what to do or where to begin, the multi-hyphenate is all set to steer you to your own lightbulb moment at the NYLON Manila Career Fair on August 6.

It’s a question that many have floated around in their lifetime, but in Paano Ba Malalaman Ang Career Path Ko Sa Gitna Ng Pandemya, Bianca Gonzalez wants you to broaden your mind and be conscious of your peripheral vision. Having been so used to a hyper-focused mindset, the pandemic that really  shifted perspectives, allowing us to see things differently and for some, even more clearly than before. For her spot in the NYLON Manila Career Fair, Bianca Gonzalez will want you to have your own aha moment. Whatever that is and wherever that leads you to, the goal is to make you feel and think about what is best for you and what you really want, after all, you are the one in charge of your life, no one else.

With a firm pulse on the necessary discussions that the generation needs, Bianca Gonzalez is looking forward to her talk, especially since she really wants to connect more with a younger audience. While she already is a pulsating bleep on many radars, it makes the most sense, especially since she is a mother who will most likely be helping her daughters answer their own “paano ba ‘to” questions in the future.

Up for this eye-opening conversation? She’s ready when you are.