I Tried These Budget Earbuds, Here’s What I Think


As someone who lives and breathes by their earbuds, the Sony WF-C700N left me satisfied and feeling like I was in my own world.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for a good pair of headphones. From wired to Bluetooth, headphones have been a staple of my pocket and backpack since I was in grade school. But as much as I love plopping buds in my ear and blocking the world with my K-pop playlist, I know that they often don’t come cheap. A great pair of earbuds often means a higher price, some costing an entire month’s salary. So, when I came across Sony’s WF-C700N, their version of a budget in-ear headphones, I had to check it out. And to my pleasant surprise, the earbuds became a satisfying option for me during all times of the day.


The Sony WF-C700N comes in four colors, Black, White, Sage Green, and Lavender. I got the classic black, which made for a simple yet stylish finish. The buds come in a pill-shaped matte case that felt lightweight and easy to hold. The case smoothly fit into my pocket whenever I had to go out of the house and didn’t feel bulky. The case opens and closes firmly, with the buds snappily attaching to the case’s magnets. The case also holds a fifteen-hour battery, making it optimal for most days, though I would appreciate it if the capacity was a tad bigger.

As for the buds themselves, the WF-C700N’s design is circular and smaller than I had anticipated. With a button on the left side to switch between noise canceling and ambient sound mode and the right button for playing, pausing, and skipping, the buds were relatively straightforward and fit snuggly in the ear. While some may appreciate a bulkier bud, I liked how compact and light the WF-C700Ns are. They don’t look and feel intrusive. And they’re also water resistant, so no need to make a eulogy if they get caught in the rain.


Once you remove them from the box, it was a simple setup with the help of Sony’s Headphones Connect app. In just ten minutes, I went from unboxing to listening to my fave tunes on the WF-C700Ns. One of the concerns I’ve had when it comes to earbuds is how they can leave my ears hurting after a while, but that wasn’t the case with the WF-C700N. I had these on for hours every day, and I didn’t feel like my ears were getting sore. And the fact that they come with customizable rubber tips means that they can be adjusted to fit different ear sizes.

Noise-canceling tech on earbuds is a hit or miss for me, but the WF-C700N satisfies with its noise-canceling mode. I’m the type of person who likes to block out the world when I have my earbuds on, so I appreciated how I felt the vibes with these earbuds. Whether it be music, movies, shows, or calls, the sound was crisp and clear with the bass and beats hitting in all the right spots thanks to its 5mm driver unit.

As someone who listens to music regularly, both for work and in general, I was left satisfied with its sound. And I was able to adjust the sound further on the settings on the Headphones Connect app. Another interesting feature of the earbuds is its Ambient Sound Mode, which lets users hear up to 20 levels of the surrounding environment, and Adaptive Sound Control, which shifts the earbuds’ sound depending on your location.

While I do see and get the purpose of these settings, especially for those who don’t want to remove a bud when someone talks to them, I personally wasn’t a fan because I found it too intrusive of my preference for being in noise-canceling mode all the time.  


With its price (6,999 pesos), the Sony WF-C700N is not the cheapest earbuds out there, but it’s one of the more affordable options. And more importantly, its quality matches earbuds that reach five digits in price. Its clean, simple, and lightweight design make it a breeze to carry, transport, and put on. Its sound quality is good, it has great ease of use, and its features give it more bang for your peso. All things considered; you get your money’s worth. If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones but don’t want to spend an entire month’s savings, the Sony WF-C700N should be on your list. You can check out more of the earbuds here.

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