Soundtrack Your Lifestyle With The Coolest Sound Systems

It’s sound all around.

Want to move it, move it? Turn the beat around with these cool, new, and exciting sound systems from the engineers of audio, JBL.

Music is essential. This is a matter of fact that has only been amplified over the past few years, especially since the consumption for sound has expanded far beyond an escape or you know, the vibes. As existential as it may sound, music has in fact, reached into the scope of hope, helping people through the toughest of times and to some extent, easing the world out of what was at one point a bleak moment in our lives.

Needless to say, listening has become an all too important quality, stretching from real life conversations, articulations in entertainment, and playlists of songs. So, as necessary as it is to get the message across, especially in the digital context, it matters the most that whoever hears it out is able to comprehend it. This is why in the innovation scale, there has been a significant shift to perfecting sound and the systems that make sure it is all around.

The Systems Of Sound

While there has been a growing nostalgia for wired earphones and headphones, the culture of connection is still predominantly hands-free. Whether it be taking Zoom calls, hanging out with your friends on Discord, or dancing through life with a cool soundtrack, the hardworking middleman is almost always that wireless earbuds nearly fused to your head. (Or you know, speakers pulsating those bass-heavy songs at a pool party.) Whatever the circumstance may be, we will take to a sound of choice to anchor our days. And no one understands this need more than JBL. With their profound understanding of sound, the brand has engineered their sound systems to not just deliver, but to adapt to whatever lifestyle one finds affinity to.

Just like the path one takes in life or even as simple as the music played, JBL wants to give you the freedom to choose how you want to enjoy the music that surrounds you. With its range of cool, new, and exciting range of sound systems, their goal is simple: to reflect your reality and elevate your life through sound. Now, to figure out what works best for your story of sound, we are here to help you navigate its portfolio of products. Ready for a sound trip? Let’s go. 


For Your Day-To-Day: Live Pro 2

In a world governed by multiplicity of function, there is a great deal of interest for the all around. And if easing into the audio universe of JBL is your goal, then there is no better place to start than with what they have christened the “all day companion,” the Live Pro 2.

At its core, it prides itself with the signature bass of the JBL sound systems. But this time, it also has upped its game in terms of wireless charging abilities and adaptive noise canceling, making for an crisp and clear sound for when you are taking a work call, online class, or just letting the music play from where you stand.

“Listen and be heard. All day, everywhere,” the brand says of this pick from its family of sound systems. With its stylish and ergonomic design (no painful ears here from long wear), you can groove as you course through your day-to-day. With over 40 hours of sound, you can pop the JBL Live Pro 2 and go on about your errands. Need to avoid distractions? The aforementioned adaptive noise canceling or the ambient makes for a truly immersive sound without you having to take them off. And if the usual dilemma of having your show or song be interrupted by a call inevitably happens, the Dual Connect and Sync with Multi-Point feature makes you switch between functions on another paired bluetooth device.

With the JBL Live Pro2 on, you can definitely let the music play.

For Your Fitness Focus: Tune Flex

While it is true that JBL has fitness-focused offerings from their range of sound systems, such as the Endurance Run 2 (wired and wireless), the Tune Flex can ascend as a worthy choice, especially when all you want to feel is the music. Designed for maximum comfort and water- and sweat-resistant, these true wireless earbuds is guaranteed to give you the JBL Pure Bass Sound for hours on end.

Still present are the Noise Canceling and Smart Ambient technology, which will tune the rest of the surroundings whether that be an indoor gym, at home, or the great outdoors. With the JBL Tune Flex, you can say goodbye to the generic gym playlist and focus on your reps and personal bests with your choice of pumped up, endorphin encouraging beats.

Trust that you will more than jiggle-jiggle and fold during your sweat sesh.

For Your Walks: Live Free 2

Let’s be real, we all have had that moment where we want to turn the mundane into a moment. You know, as if you were the lead in a rom-com. With the JBL Live Free 2, you get to live out this fantasy to your heart’s content. 

It is interesting to note that aside from the JBL Signature Sound, up to 35 hours of uninterrupted and isolated use, and True Adaptive Noise Canceling and Smart Ambient function (no more of the city sounds to puncture your dream sequence), this unit is a pretty device to use with its slim, pill design. Scroll through your playlist and walk the streets like you mean it with the control and connection the JBL Live Free offers you.

And music aside, if you want to heighten the rom-com energy, you can ring your significant other as the JBL Live Free 2 sound system boasts of six beamforming microphones for perfect calls with zero noise. Here, you can choose and adjust the levels of audio input so that your sweet, sweet exchanges will be heard loud and clear.

For Your Gaming Day: Quantum TWS

Whether you’re a casual player or a professional gamer, nothing compares to the optimal game play with topnotch audio. A dream for any is one step closer with the JBL Quantum TWS as it transports you to another universe, as if you are in the game itself. Gaming is a lifestyle in itself, so with this quality of sound systems, you get everything from snug fit, True Adaptive Noise Canceling (that in this case limits distractions and produces near accurate sound), and an easy transition to your other responsibilities online with the JBL Dual Source that lets you switch from audio to incoming calls easily.

Compatibility is also the least of your worries as its low latency wireless connection establishes a connection with its proprietary JBL Quantum PC software and JBL Headphones App, allowing you to adjust your EQ, microphone, and surround sound settings for a perfect gaming environment.

Get those controllers ready and lock in the JBL Quantum TWS and press play. Let’s go!

For Your Dance Parties For One (Or More): Partybox Encore

If you are hosting a house party for your nearest and dearest or a dance party for one in your room, an absolute must is the best of sound systems. Maximize the mood of your playlist and blast your favorite tunes and dance your heart out with the portable JBL partyBox Encore speaker that ensures 10 hours of non-stop fun wherever you want to move it, move it.

Easy to lug around, splash-proof, and big on the bass (thanks to the JBL Original Pro Sound), the party doesn’t stop with its light show through the strobes that moves along with the beats. The JBL PartyBox Encore is also equipped with JBL premium wireless mic system, which with its low latency design will let you enjoy your sing-along much better because there is no delay and you get terrific audio quality. That’s like a concert at home for your pop star dreams. So, get ready to bust out your standard Robyn, Carly Rae Jepsen, or even Taylor Swift to keep things in the vibe.