BTS’s V Had An Epic Cameo In Peakboy’s GYPO HAIRSTYLE Music Video

BTS’s V Had An Epic Cameo In Peakboy’s GYPO HAIRSTYLE Music Video


V’s cameo in the music video is made even better by the fact that he’s joined by his best friends, aka the Wooga Squad.

If you ever wanted to know what #squadgoals looks like, look no further than the Wooga Squad. For those who aren’t in the know, the Wooga Squad is the name of the friend group of BTS’s V, actor Park Seo-joon, actor, singer, and dancer Park Hyung-sik, actor Choi Woo-shik, and musician Peakboy. The friend group started in earnest when Park Seo-joon, V, and Park Hyung-sik got close while filming the K-Drama Hwarang. Choi Woo-shik and Peakboy soon joined and the squad was formed.

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The name Wooga comes from the Korean phrase “Woori-gagajok-inga?” which literally translates to: “Are we family?” As the name suggests, the five have been close ever since, hanging out together, going on group vacations, proudly supporting each other’s endeavors and successes, and just generally doing things any friend group would consider goals. So when it was time for Peakboy to release the music video for his newest song, GYPO HAIRSTYLE, the rest of the Wooga Squad were more than willing to be part of the video.


In the music video, Peakboy is first seen getting a haircut. This new haircut then unleashes newfound energy in Peakboy and sees him in different sets as he shows off his new cut and general excitement. The rest of the Wooga Squad make cameos in the video, each playing different parts. Wooshik is first seen as he plays a photographer who isn’t too happy photographing Peakboy. It then transitions to Hyungsik, who plays a customer in a restaurant. Seojoon plays the director of The Neuron Tonight Show scene while V plays a waiter who gives Peakboy a drink.

Each one had fun cameos but V was quite memorable for a few reasons. First, he’s wearing a purple suit, which is a special color for both V, BTS, and ARMY. He also looks quite dashing in the look with few fans even comparing him to Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Great Gatsby. We also like how he manages to capture that disgruntled smile servers give when waiting on a rude customer after Peakboy spills his drink.

Cameos aside, the song itself is quite good. The track has an infectious beat that, like the characters in the music video, will get you dancing once the chorus drop. GYPO HAIRSTYLE is generally about having a good time and feeling yourself when you think and feel you look good. That feeling was perfectly translated in the video.

Check out the music video below:

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