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History Maker Things: BTS’ J-Hope Will Be The First South Korean Artist To Headline Lollapalooza

It feels correct.

J-Hope is set to have an iconic Lollapalooza performance that’s one for the history books. Now all we need now is for the new album to drop.

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To be an ARMY is always an exciting time. But the BTS world has been on overdrive for the past few weeks. For starters, BTS visited the White House at the end of May to discuss anti-Asian hate. The group is also slated to release their highly anticipated new album Proof this June 10. And this is on top of all the activities the group is slated to do as part of Festa 2022 as they celebrate their 9th anniversary. But if you thought that it was over, think again. BTS is a group who’s broken barriers and made history in their career, and they just scored another one thanks to J-Hope.


On May 8, PH time, Lollapalooza announced that they were adding J-Hope as a headline performer for the festival. It takes place in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 28-31 and J-Hope’s set will be on July 31, 12 PM, PH time, Sunday, the festival’s last day. Taking to Instagram, the powerhouse dancer and performer shared his excitement saying, “This is going to be my first performance at @lollapalooza It’s a thrilling new challenge that I think will become a really memorable chapter in my musical history! I’m gonna give you guys a great show. Get ready to get crazyyyyyy!”

Hobi performing at Lollapalooza is pretty iconic for a few reasons. For starters, he joins a stacked line-up that includes the likes of Dua Lipa, J. Cole, Green Day, Charli XCX, WILLOW, Dominic Fike, and many more. This also marks J-hope’s first solo performance at a major US festival and the first BTS member to perform solo at a festival since 2015 when Namjoon performed at the All Force One hip-hop festival in 2015. This is going to be Hobi’s first solo stage. Can you imagine how hard he’s going to go?

BTS's J-Hope Announced As Headliner For Lollapalooza + TXT To Make U.S.  Festival Debut | Soompi

Most importantly, J-Hope makes history as the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage at a major U.S. music festival. As in, this is the kind of stuff they write about in history books. In case you didn’t know, Lollapalooza is one of the biggest and most iconic music festivals not just in America, but in the world. It’s one of the longest running and its history and reputation rivals that of Coachella. To headline a set in Lollapalooza is a major career milestone for any artist. As always, Asians stay winning. J-Hope though won’t technically be alone. That’s because fellow Big Hit labelmate TOMORROW X TOGETHER is also performing at the festival, marking their US festival debut. The boy group will be performing the day before J-Hope, on July 30, Saturday.


“I’m happy to welcome J-Hope and Tomorrow x Together into the Lollapalooza family,” said Lollapalooza founder, Perry Farrell, in a statement. “These artists have been given great gifts in communication. Their global audience speak different languages but possess an intense passion for their music. Lolla is the place where all music genres live in harmony. These are the superstars of the global phenomenon of K-Pop, and we are so excited to have them at this year’s festival.”

We would just like to point out that J-Hope’s set is one hour long (yes, one hour). His solo mixtape, Hope World, is only 20 minutes long. Adding his other solo releases like Chicken Noodle Soup or solo songs from BTS will increase that time, but not enough to fill in the whole hour. With news that his solo album is dropping sometime in the coming month, that setlist is definitely going to extend. There’s also the possibility that J-Hope could bring out or invite special guests like TXT or Becky G. He could also just debut new songs right then and there. That honestly might just make for one of the biggest gags of the year.

Regardless of what J-Hope does, we can’t wait to see him perform. As you may know, he’s a top-tier performer and highly regarded as one of the best dancers in the game. We’re both curious and excited to see what he has under his stylish sleeves. K-pop and major music festivals have been having a moment this 2022 so the exciting possibilities are endless. The Lollapalooza crowd better get ready because J-Hope is coming. If you would like to see this all go down in person, you can get tickets here.

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