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8 BTS-Inspired Merch You Can Spend Your Money This New Year

BTS may be on vacation. But our wallets will never be.

You tried, you refreshed, and still didn’t get your bias’ self-designed goods? Here, we list down a number of BTS-related merch that you can spend your hard-earned money this seollal!

Last January 28, 2022, Weverse restocked the BTS artist-made collection. They say that third time’s the charm, but unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side quite just yet. Needless to say, I was heartbroken when I couldn’t get my hands on these limited-edition budols. While the restock will continue until the 7th of February, I don’t think I can take the stress of not getting BTS merch such as RM’s Bungeo-Ppang Wind Chime and those ARMY jogger pants that he nearly spoiled us with last year all over again.

So, I decided to put my hard-earned cash elsewhere—in the pockets of the local sellers who have goods on-stock as of press time. Readily available, responsive customer service with no additional shipping costs, and a considerable help to the economy, these businesses definitely deserve to be recognized. And who doesn’t love discount codes and other freebies like stickers and fan-made photo cards that they generously provide?

And in the spirit of sharing, here’s what is on my cart, and hopefully, yours, too:

1 CM Origin from Apop Books

Packed with insights about the simple yet beautiful moments in life, this bestseller has been inspiring people since 2013. This is definitely worth every penny because the insights that Kim Eun-ju provides accompanied by Kim Jae-Yoon’s illustrations encourage you to explore yourself through activities, metaphors, and musings about adulting. Jungkook himself read it when he was 18. No wonder why our maknae is such a loving human.

Growing Soul bucket hat from Made by Mochi

When I first saw this, I can only think of our sunshine, J-hope. Maybe it’s because nothing wears it like him, or it could also be because of the color. Nevertheless, I would like to double down on my sun protection, which can bring some sunny disposition to my usual all-black outfit. They also sell tote bags, because of course, we all need a BTS-inspired merch to keep us cozy and well, looking cool.

Frontrow BTS Package 

If you consider shipping and handling costs, you’ll get more bang for your buck with this special set for Filipino fans. The total package value is actually P 16,220. But the company is offering it for P 5888 which comes with The Fact BTS Special Edition Photobook: We Remember for free. The inclusions in the set are: 

1 bottle of pure Grapeseed capsules, Luxxe Protect

1 bottle of the 8 berry extract supplement, Luxxe Renew

3 pieces Dynamic Duo DD sticks that offer SPF 50 

2 Instabright Body Creme with SPF 25

And who can resist V’s visuals on this 2020 photo book? Well, I surely can’t.

Customized photo cards by ArmyAngelee

I was on the lookout on TikTok when I stumbled upon 2seok4lyf’s video about customized PCs. Her link led me to this creator who would gladly print your high-resolution screenshots and turn them into a unique and reasonably-priced, but high-quality paper. I am still pre-selecting my Namjoon photos as we speak, but trust me, for this type of BTS-related merch, I will be her new suki in the coming days.

Photo card sleeves from IntroPersonaPH 

After receiving a BE album last Christmas, I finally understood why photo cards are treated with such care by their collectors. I don’t have the urge (yet) to buy a lot, so I went to Shopee to check who sells these card sleeves in small quantities. This seller was answering all my oob inquiries. And the best part? She even had the Permission to Dance on Stage – mini photo cards that I wanted. If you are looking for a card sleeve that has 100 microns that’s 70 x 100 to protect the precious face of Jin, she got you covered, literally.

Binder divider by Chickensutock

While we are on the topic of photo cards, I went on and tried to research on my options on how I can display and protect them. I am leaning towards having a big binder as inspired by Suga’s merch. What’s on my cart now is their Simpsons x BTS binder dividers. And any ARMY will notice this seller because of its Run BTS-inspired name.

Built New York x BTS tumblers, in partnership with Gong Cha Philippines

I can never drink like Jimin, but I will surely love to have the tumbler inspired by him. While details on how to avail one through this tea company is still unavailable as of press time, I will surely keep an eye on this one. Besides, just like BTS merch, who doesn’t love bubble tea?

ARMY Bomb Premium Hexagon case by Boxed by Kei

Nothing beats the feeling of having the BTS official light stick, which in itself is a dream. And speaking of which, they say in order for our hopes to come true, you have to be reminded of it everyday. So, I went on and looked for the acrylic case of my dreams, and I found it through this store. It lights up on its own so every night can feel like a concert, which a lot of us certainly dream of going to someday.

Now, let’s all get this bread so we can all do a cart check out.