How THEBLACKLABEL’s Bryan Chase Is Helping Take K-Hip-Hop Global

FYI, TAEYANG was the one who reached out to Bryan.

After his impressive feature on TAEYANG’s Down to Earth EP, Bryan Chase is aiming for bigger things as one of THEBLACKLABEL’s newest artists. 

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While we all love a good K-pop song and group, the Korean music industry is a vibrant scene home to artists that are making their version of art across varied genres. Such is the case when it comes to Korean hip-hop and R&B, genres that have been growing in listeners around the world in recent years. And one name to keep an eye out for is Bryan Chase. 


By the virtue of the fact that he’s a part of THEBLACKLABEL, YG Entertainment’s sub-label home to TAEYANG, JEON SOMI, LØREN, and more, as well as the only Korean rapper currently signed with Interscope Records, Bryan is turning heads. But even during his early days as an underground rapper, he was already proving his talent. 

Bryan first made noise in the hip-hop scene as a member of The Cohort before expanding to solo ventures, with acclaim from outlets around the world following soon after. In 2023, he made his comeback with a definitive period when he featured on TAEYANG’s Nightfall, which was a part of the BIGBANG member’s 2023 EP Down to Earth. While Bryan is known for hip-hop, he stunned on the pop track with his vocals. 

Bryan Chase

Not long after, he dropped his debut EP, 2U, as well as the lead single of the same name, which features a producer credit from 24, the lead beat-maker for BLACKPINK. Coupled with a verse from A Boogie, the track sings with its melodic verses and production that creates an immersive, cinematic experience. Aiding in this significant new chapter for Bryan Chase is that the music video for 2U transports viewers into a spellbinding multiverse and captures the camaraderie of the two artists from across the world. 

All of this to say, THEBLACKLABEL artist is one to watch out for. Following the release of his 2U EP, we got a chance to chat with Bryan as he opened up about his new music, working with TAEYANG, and more. Read what he has to say below. 

How would you describe who Bryan Chase is as an artist?

Inquisitive, dedicated and honest.

How would you describe your creative process in terms of making music? Where do you get your inspiration from?

My ideas come from life experiences. I’m inspired by different places, new environments, and especially by good music. I love exploring new sounds and discovering new artists, that process keeps me inspired and motivates me to keep creating. Usually the starting point for me begins with a thought or an emotion and that takes me into a rabbit hole sonically.

Was there a specific moment in your life that made you decide to become a musician?

It wasn’t until I moved back to Seoul from the U.S that I took interest in making music. I was hanging out with a good friend, who is an artist, a lot and he showed me around and what the process was like. Eventually I tried making my own songs and haven’t stopped since.

How did your collaboration with TAEYANG for “Nightfall” come about? What was it like working with TAEYANG?

When TAEYANG reached out to me to collaborate on the single, “Nightfall,” from his album “Down to Earth,” I was completely surprised, but incredibly excited and thankful for the opportunity. Working with him opened my eyes to new perspectives and new experiences and it was a huge learning experience. Simply being around him and soaking in his presence taught me so much. It was truly an honor to have had the chance to work with him.

While you’re known for hip-hop, you showcase your impressive vocals on Nightfall. Does your mindset change when it comes to rapping or singing on a track?

Definitely. For “Nightfall,” I was so inspired by TAEYANG’s melodies and lyrics. I wanted to add emotion and depth, with melodies and words that flowed, to capture the feeling I had when I first heard the song.

Bryan Chase

Considering that 2U is your debut EP, what message are you hoping to deliver with the album?

To always rise above adversity.

Is there a song on the EP that resonates with you the most?

All the songs on the EP hold personal meaning for me, but if I had to choose, “2U” is the one that resonates the most with me.

How does it feel being signed to THEBLACKLABEL and why did you decide to sign with them?

Becoming part of THEBLACKLABEL gave me a sense of belonging, where I feel understood and my music is valued. I have faith in the team’s dedication to push new boundaries and sounds. Joining THEBLACKLABEL felt like the right step to grow my music towards the next level.

Debuting under THEBLACKLABEL and being the only Korean rapper signed currently to Interscope Records means that a lot of eyes are on you. With that said, how are you dealing with the pressure and expectations, if there are any?

I keep the focus on what I’m most passionate about, music, and stay true to my style. When I feel pressured, I channel that energy into motivation and use it to push my limits and create music that’s reflective of who and where I am. Also, having a great support system keeps me grounded and helps me move forward.

Has the way you make music changed from when you started out as a musician to now being signed with a major record label?

The way I make music has definitely changed a lot since I first started out.  I’ve learned so much working at THEBLACKLABEL, collaborating with producers, artists and engineers. My sound is much more refined and elevated than when I first started out and that has helped me reach a wider audience and grow overall as an artist.

Bryan Chase

What impact or mark are you hoping to leave in the music industry?

I strive to create timeless music that people can connect with and enjoy at any time. I hope to inspire other artists and have contributed to how the music landscape has evolved, even in the slightest way.

What song/s or performances of yours should would-be fans check out if they want to get to know more who Bryan Chase is?

Both “2U,” which features A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and TAEYANG’s “Nightfall.”

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