30 days with: bretman rock

Bretman Rock’s New Show Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Him In Before

Bretman Rock has done a lot of things, but can he survive alone in the jungle for 7 days?

30 Days With: Bretman Rock follows the social media star as he spends 7 days in the Hawaiian jungle alone and shows a more raw and vulnerable side to him.

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Bretman Rock is a lot of things. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, and scientist on the side. He’s a coconut water connoisseur, the newest MTV star, and recently, the five-time cover personality of NYLON Manila. This time, he may also be adding survival specialist soon if his new show is anything to go by.

Bretman just recently premiered his latest project, 30 Days With: Bretman Rock, a collaboration between him and YouTube Premium. The four-episode show sees Bretman hone his survivals skills as he spends seven days in the jungle alone. While the show’s premise alone is good enough for the price of admission, what the series really offers is to show Bretman in a whole different light, one where he gets real, as in emotionally in-depth and honest.


The show currently has two episodes out and by the first episode, it’s already established that one of the major themes the show will revolve around is the relationship between Bretman and his father. In the opening minutes, Bretman opens up and says that he was very close with his father and they would go camping all the time back in the Philippines. When his father passed, Bretman said that he hopes his time in the jungle would help him make peace with his dad because he couldn’t do so before he passed and connect with him more spiritually.

But the show isn’t all serious as Bretman does have his fun moments. In episode one, as he is getting ready to go to boot camp for training, Bretman, Princess, and Kiefer are in his dressing room and playing around with his clothes as he packs for the trip. When they arrive at the boot camp, they are greeted by Kap, a Samoan, and Bretman’s instructor. He tells Bretman that he should leave all his bags behind and only pack what he needs in a small bag. The rest of the episode sees them head straight into the jungle as Bretman receives first-hand training like building a shelter, weaving a basket, finding food, climbing a tree, and starting a fire.


By episode one’s end though, we are reminded why Bretman is doing this in the first place. “I am so much of who I am today because of my dad. He accepted me for being gay. He encouraged me to be myself. My dad told me that I could do anything. He made me feel like I could do anything,” Bretman says.

Right before the episode ends, Bretman details, “I feel like for a long time, I’ve just kind of been telling myself that, like, the pain is gone. And that, you know, that I don’t blame myself anymore. But I still do. And I just hope like this whole experience, I just hope that I find myself. To reconnect with Bret. ‘Cause I feel like I’ve been Bretman Rock for so long, and I’ve taken care of my family for so long that it makes me question if I’m even, like, taking care of myself.”

We’re used to seeing Bretman Rock glammed up, so to see him in this stripped-down and vulnerable version makes the show one of the most interesting and exciting things he has ever done. It’s clear that Bretman isn’t doing this just for the content, but that it’s also important for him internally to do this to reconnect with himself. Not only are we going to see Bretman do things that he’s never done before, but we get to also see Bretman be the real him, Bret, the man behind all the glitz and glamour.

Catch the next episodes of 30 Days With: Bretman Rock on his YouTube channel every Wednesday.

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