Would You Buy This P95,000+ Phone Cord Necklace By Bottega Veneta?

Maybe visit Manila soon and get loads from tiangges instead?

For just $2000, you can finally own a ~luxurious~ phone cord necklace by Bottega Veneta. Our P30 version could never.

On today’s episode of Fashion WTF, Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta drops a trendy phone cord jewelry set. You know, like the ones that you can buy from convenience stores or palengkes for less than P50. Found in e-commerce store Farfetch, the “elasticated curly necklace” retails for $1789 or P95,671.35 + tax. Sure, it’s made out of sterling silver and has a clasp fastening, but maybe creative director Daniel Lee needs to visit Manila stat and get a load of phone cord necklaces in bulk, don’t you think?

Of course, the internet isn’t so happy about it. One even commented, “I know so many designers and artisans who work their hands to the bone, spend weeks on a single piece, make it from expensive materials—and charge less than this. Prices like this on cheap items, just because there’s a famous brand name attached, is pretty insulting to those of us who put so much effort into our handmade pieces.” Like really at this time? A phone cord piece you can literally buy for less than P50? And it doesn’t end there. Bottega Veneta’s also selling beaded necklaces for $3,390 or approximately P165,109. If this doesn’t expose how much luxury brands mark up their products too damn much, we don’t know what will.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been sensing this trend ever since Ambush sold an overpriced ziptie bracelet and Virgil Abloh’s collaboration with Evian on a “custom-designed” water bottle.

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