Ambush zip tie

These Zip Tie Bracelets Cost P32,208. Would You Buy It?

So, are we being ambushed?

High-end streetwear brand AMBUSH just dropped these zip tie bracelets and the Internet had an awful lot to say.

In case you missed it, AMBUSH, a luxe brand founded by duo Yoon and Verbal just made zip tie bracelets and rings as part of their A/W 2020 collection. Known for their tongue-in-cheek accessories, they’ve come up with interesting takes on accessories such as safety pins, cigarette lighters, and curved nails that are usually dipped in gold or silver, as well as their fire collabs with NIKE and NBA. Yoon, 1/2 of the duo may sound familiar as she was invited by Kim Jones to design the accessories for Dior Homme and yes, she was responsible for those cyborg-like hardware that the models wore on the runway. (Needless to say, the world wanted it all.)

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But when AMBUSH dropped these $588 (it’s $670 on Farfetch + tax, which is roughly 32,208.91 in local currency, including a shipping fee of P1,105.68) neon zip tie cables as bracelets, we lost it. Why even?

While the zip tie concept isn’t new and were done by the likes of Christopher Kane, Marcus Veyera and Francesca Amfitheatrof in the past, the brand details that their take is “Coated sterling silver to look like plastic?” You can easily get those at National Book Store or ACE Hardware, resell them maybe for P100 or less, or perhaps just dip it in paint and emboss the AMBUSH logo? Will people even buy it? Imagine being kidnapped in these? We have so many questions.

We are all for innovation and creativity, but this might seem more of a product made for social commentary (which is obviously working) and the price revolves around the idea and the brand’s name rather than the actual function of it as a zip tie and not a “luxury item” or “art piece.” Although at some point, we’re all guilty of this as we spend a lot on basic/essential items like plain shirts or sweatpants, but only buy them because they’re branded. We’re not gonna lie, the silver and gold ones are fuego despite the $800 tag along with the sunglasses, but maybe just not the ones you can get for P20 or less at local hardware stores. Who knows? It might just be another marketing ploy for us consumers to be further possessed by capitalism.