8 Times BINI’s Jhoanna Robles Proved She Was A True Multi-hyphenate

God just let her gobble all the talents.

Singing, dancing, acting, and so much more, Jhoanna Robles is a true all-purpose queen. 

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It’s safe to say that P-pop girl group BINI is having their much-deserved moment in the spotlight. From hit songs, explosive growth, talked-about performances, and viral posts from fans and non-fans alike popping up on X daily, BINI is going higher and higher as they reach new heights. And helping lead the way for BINI is their group leader, Jhoanna Robles. 

With grit, passion, personality, conviction to do what is right, confidence, and charisma, Jhoanna stands tall as a role model and a beacon for her members as they continue to break new ground. But more than that, Jhoanna possesses so many skills, she’s like a walking talent show. No matter what field, Jhoanna is going to deliver, and as she should. Scroll down for just a few moments when the P-pop idol flexed her multiple masteries.  


@bini_loml Jhoanna natin lakas maka barda HHAHAHAHAHAHAH #BINI #BINIph #binijhoanna #FrancineDiaz #KadenangGinto #ppop #foryou #fypシ ♬ original sound – Jhoanna My Loves 🌸 – alipin ni masterjho

Even before she became a member of BINI, Jhoanna was already making noise as an actress on TV. She got to showcase her acting talents on stints on MMK and, most notably, Kadenang Ginto. While the role was small, she made the most of it, as seen in how it’s still being quoted to this day. And with recent roles such as being the lead female star in ALAMAT’s Maharani music video, it’s clear Jhoanna hasn’t lost her touch. 




As both an actress and performer, it felt right that Jhoanna’s latest career endeavor would be musical theater. In 2023, she made her musical theater debut by joining the cast of Tabing Ilog: The Musical. The Gen Z remake saw her play Epifania “Eds/Panyang” delos Santos, a role she alternated with Vivoree and Sheena Belarmino. At this point, all we need now is Jhoanna’s movie debut.  


@bini_jhoanna #duet with @Teacher Mich #infomercial since RSPC season ngayonnnn, try natin to!!! #BINI #BINIph #binijhoanna ♬ original sound – Teacher Mich

Watch any of BINI’s videos, and it’s clear that Jhoanna is a great speaker with the confidence to pull off even the toughest speeches. She bodied that spiel and commercial. TV reporters are lucky Jhoanna didn’t decide to pursue journalism as a full-time job.


ICYDK, ever since she was in grade school, Jhoanna always had a dream of taking her talents to broadcasting. Her reporting skills aren’t just because she knows how to speak in front of a camera, she’s been doing it, and doing it well, since she was in school. And, after years of manifesting, Jhoanna finally became a Star Patroller for TV Patrol. And the best part? For one of her segments on the show, Jhoanna wrote the script, did the VO, and edited and produced the video package. It’s safe to say that she would kill if she became a full-time TV anchor.


@bini_jhoanna stream pantropiko!!! #BINI #BINIph #binijhoanna ♬ Pantropiko – BINI

We wonder what it was like being classmates with Jhoanna, with the way she can pull off any extracurricular activity. 


@bini_jhoanna STREAM PANTROPIKO!!! 📢 #BINI #BINIph #binijhoanna #pantropiko #pantropikochallenge ♬ Pantropiko – BINI

It goes without saying that Jhoanna is getting her props as an amazing performer. Owning the stage with her singing and dancing while juggling responsibilities as the group’s leader and doing all that with an A+ face card and serving looks? We know that’s right. 


@bini_jhoanna ikaw lang sa islang pantropiko 😜 #BINI #BINIph #binijhoanna ♬ original sound – Jhoanna Robles

From her acoustic take on Pantropiko with her guitar to her iconic cover of Denise Julia’s Lackin’, expect Jhoanna to give what needs to be given. 


@bini_jhoanna Ang Alamat ng Mangga #BINI #BINIph #binijhoanna ♬ original sound – Jhoanna Robles

Funny how William Shakespeare has been real quiet since Jhoanna and Sheena dropped this literary piece. 

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