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Kabataang Pinoy: BINI And SB19 Hit The Stage For The First Time

A moment we love to see.

First, we got a song collab. Now, we got SB19 and BINI’s first stage performance together to perform Kabataang Pinoy and a music video to boot.

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When it was announced that SB19 and BINI were collaborating for the first time, the news got many A’TIN and BLOOMS excited. This was the first time that either group would be collaborating with another P-pop group for a song. And as two of the biggest P-pop groups in the country, the idea of SB19 and BINI collaborating was just a dream for many. But it actually happened and what made it better was that it was for a new version of Kabataang Pinoy, the iconic PBB Teens theme song from the mid aughts. While most already got excited for the new song, we got a special treat over the weekend when SB19 and BINI joined forces on stage for the first time.


Performed during the March 19 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Teens Edition, the two groups assembled on a stage right in front of the PBB house. Their version of the song is going to be used as the official theme song for the current season. That episode also saw the teen housemates enter the house for the first time after starting in the mountain camps. Their performance in a sense then was like a welcoming of sorts for the housemates and the season.  


Despite the fact that they only met that day to rehearse and perform later that night, both groups knocked it out of the park. Dressed in colorful outfits, seeing the two groups together was something special. They embodied the energy of the song as they showcased their live vocals and dance moves.

As seen in the track’s official music video, the two groups came together to show off their P-pop prowess and fun behind-the-scenes moments that helped build the moment. And yes, the mics were on. While Ken got flustered a bit during the dance break, what we love about it was how Sheena saw it and hyped him up the best she could. It showed off their building friendship and professionalism.



Seeing SB19 and BINI perform on stage was already a treat in itself, but the P-pop groups decided to feed us even more for the night when they decided to eat together after the performance. And it wasn’t just the two of them, BGYO and KAIA joined them for dinner as well. All four of these power groups in the same room, enjoying good food and having a good time? If only we could be a fly on the wall to hear what they talked about. We also finally got that much awaited TikTok content from the members. Gone are the days when we need to make edits just to imagine these groups together.


In a time when some fans would get heated on social media and compare which group is better, it’s honestly great to see that the groups themselves are friends in real life and are hanging out. Let’s not try to bring others down, because their faves certainly aren’t. We definitely need more P-pop crossovers, collaborations, and interactions soon. (Looking at you P-pop Con).

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