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BIGBANG Is Back, Back, Back: Celebrate Their Long-Awaited Comeback With These Songs

Wow, Fantastic Baby.

With BIGBANG set to release their highly-anticipated new song in over four years, here are 10 of their tracks to help you get ready for their return.

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When people hear the phrase Big Bang, some might think of the popular American TV comedy show. Or you know, the cosmic event that started our universe. But to many music fans and K-pop stans, BIGBANG is a legendary boy group. The quartet, as well as fellow powerhouse 2nd gen groups like SNSD and 2NE1, helped set the foundation for K-pop to become global phenomenon that it is today. But it’s been a while since they’ve been active in the scene—until now. After an over four year hiatus, the legends are finally coming back. BIGBANG is set to drop their latest comeback this April 5, exciting both V.I.Ps and K-pop fans in general.

From the last time the group dropped a new song to now, K-pop has grown exponentially around the world and saw many people be swept by the hallyu wave. But some of these newer fans may not be that familiar with BIGBANG’s discography. This is why we curated this list of some of the group’s best songs as a way to get ready for their return. Consider this a crash course for new fans or a stroll down memory lane for those familiar with the group. Regardless, be prepared for some excellent music.  


The timeless classic, Haru Haru is worthy of a spot in the K-pop hall of fame. Released in 2006, this song was BIGBANG’s breakthrough into the mainstream and helped kickstart their careers into becoming the legends that they are. Even though the track is over 16 years old(!), it’s still a bop. The breakup song has a good blend of piano and violins with pop beats. Once the chorus kicks in, you can’t help but sing along.


If you’re looking for a K-pop song to add to your party playlist, might we suggest this classic from BIGBANG’s portfolio of music. Tonight is an oldie but goodie track released in 2011. Like with some of their songs, it features a distinct EDM vibe that feels very of that time, but is still good enough to listen to. It’s the kind of song you want to listen to when you want to let all your inhibitions go and dance the night away.


We love a timeless smash and Fantastic Baby is exactly that. For many K-pop fans, this song was arguably the first time they ever heard of something of the sort. You might have even heard of it without realizing that it was a K-pop song. Whether it be the song’s iconic beat drop and chorus or its music video’s truly over-the-top visuals, Fantastic Baby will never go out of style. Even Adele is a fan of the song.


While not as hyper as some of their other songs, Blue is still a banger. The track takes inspiration from the melancholic feeling you get when you are down. It’s a somewhat sad song that’s perfect for your K-pop feels playlist. If you want to reminisce and emote, this BIGBANG song is the one for you. 


As the name suggests, Bad Boy sees BIGBANG channel their inner bad boys. This cut from the Alive album is about being the bad boy in the relationship with your other half being that good girl. As the track goes on, the members sing about asking for forgiveness from their significant other. It’s a relatively chill song from the group and one that you shouldn’t skip. There’s something about K-pop songs named Bad Boy that just hits differently.


Over seven years later, BANG BANG BANG remains one of BIGBANG’s most famous songs and that is for good reason. The track is the definition of a modern day K-pop classic. It has an addicting beat, memorable verses, and a legendary chorus. There is a reason why 4th gen K-pop groups still perform this song to this day. It’s that good. With BANG BANG BANG starting off the M.A.D.E. era, it truly was a sign of just how iconic things would become.


One thing that helped BIGBANG stand out from the crowd was how they weren’t afraid to play with more mature themes. Take Bae Bae for example, a standout from their excellent M.A.D.E. album. This hip-hop infused love song is very romantic, but also hints at a bit of a freaky side, as seen in the song’s music video. Of course, many fans also remember Bae Bae for when Seungri sat on Sehun’s lap during his part at MAMA 2015.


BIGBANG has released hit after hit for most of their career. But for this track, we think they must have put some special sauce in it because it’s so addicting. While at first listen it sounds quite light, it actually talks about a situation that many people can relate to. It’s the feeling of liking someone but being afraid to go for it because you’re scared to get hurt. We also love how most of the chorus is sang by G-Dragon and T.O.P. There truly is something special about YG rappers.


Another classic from the M.A.D.E. era, LOSER is a pared back song that sees BIGBANG sing about being down on your luck and feeling like their isn’t much going on in your life. Given the toned down nature of the song, it allows their singing and rapping skills shine through. And of course, Taeyang’s pre-chorus part will always slap. Given how the song was paired with BAE BAE on its release, the track made for the perfect contrast. LOSER’s LSS nature also lends it well to being a cover favorite among K-pop idols.


FXXK IT was one of the last songs BIGBANG released before they went on their extended hiatus. It’s a good thing then that they left us with a stone cold bop. The love song is straight fire from start to finish and is one of their more fun and chill releases. The only thing that would have made it better was if Daesung got more lines because his voice in the song is *chef’s kiss*.


When you talk about BIGBANG’s discography, their solo music needs to be included in that conversation as well. Not only does the group have a collection of classics, but their solo music is top tier. While not part of the group’s releases, they’re still worth mentioning and listening to. Up first is G-Dragon’s Crooked, an addicting song that actually talks about a pretty sad topic. Then we have DOOM DADA, T.O.P.’s solo song that perfectly matches his eccentric personality. There’s Taeyang’s RINGA LINGA, a classic pop song who’s music video features a pre-debut Lisa (as in Lisa from BLACKPINK). And if you want to get in your feels, there’s the K-pop idol favorite Eyes, Nose, Lips.

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