rp12fic 2022

The Best #rp612fic 2022 Tweets That Turned Philippine History On Its Head

Meanwhile, somewhere in an alternate Philippines...

With the celebration of the Philippines’s Independence Day also comes the fan favorite trend of #rp612fic as we imagine Philippine history in the multiverse.

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On June 12, 2022, the Philippines celebrated its 124th Independent Day, even marking the country’s independence of the country from Spanish rule on June 12, 1898. Given the state of the world and country right now, it was a moment to rightfully remember the hard fought independence of Filipinos against oppressors and how liberty and democracy remains a cornerstone of Philippine society. But aside from remembering and commemorating, Independence Day also brings with it another fun tradition on the internet, the annual return of #rp612fic.


In case you didn’t know, the hashtag stands for Republic of the Philippines June 12 fiction. This basically means fan fiction, but for Philippine history. Netizens imagine Philippine history in an alternate light, often through ridiculous and hilarious results. It became a trend a few years ago and has since become a staple whenever Independence Day roles around. If What If…? had an entire season dedicated to the country, these tweets would be it. While reimagined Philippine history and figures isn’t always a good idea, these tweets are done through lighthearted memes and pop culture references, giving them a cheeky twist.

Here are some of our favorite tweets we came across and collated for your pleasure. If the multiverse was real and there was another Philippines, some of these tweets would probably be real.

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