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The Best Moments During Maymay Entrata’s MPowered Digital Concert

Maymay served!

For her first-ever digital concert, Maymay Entrata embodied the empowerment that MPowered was looking to give.

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On November 26, Maymay Entrata held her first-ever online concert called MPowered. Named after her recently released album, of the same name, this production was going to show Maymay at her most confident yet. And true to the concert’s name, the young star was empowered as she took on a two-hour solo concert filled with performances, segments, and special guests. Here’s a rundown of our favorite moments from the show.


When you name a concert MPowered, it is expected that you deliver on the theme—and Maymay did that and then some. For the concert’s opening performance, she made sure to get everyone on their feet in an energetic number. She started things off with her latest single AMAKABOGERA, followed by covers of Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo and Kings & Queens by Ava Max. She exuded an unmatched energy during the whole opening and started off the night in a great tone.


Maymay invited a few special guests to join her in MPowered. Her collab with Darren Espanto for Butter was so fun and energetic while her duet with Nyoy Volante as they covered Christmas songs was very much appropriate for the season. But we really loved Maymay’s dance performance with Mimiyuuuh and AC Bonifacio. In case you didn’t know, Maymay and Mimi are close friends, and that was noticeable on the stage. Both of them were so cute to watch, especially with their mix of comedy. Needless to say, they ate it up and left no crumbs.


When you think of being empowered, it means to be brave or confident, but that can come in different forms as well. That was on display in Maymay’s MPowered concert as she dedicated a whole segment to love and the hugot feels. She talked to select fans as they talked about their love lives and other matters of the heart. Maymay would then serenade them with a love song. Not only was this a great way to show off Maymay’s vocals, but it also showed that you can be empowered when it comes to your life. We particularly loved the fan who talked about how she broke up with her fiancé months before their wedding but expressed that she wasn’t angry at him.


When Maymay Entrata gives you a show, she will give you a show. And that includes a segment dedicated to a full-dancing performance. During the latter half of the concert, Maymay did an emotional and expressive dance to Jaime Miller’s Here’s Your Perfect. Dressed in a black bodysuit, Maymay looked ethereal as she glided through the stage. She then transitioned to a powerful dance performance of Physical by Dua Lipa. Bonus points for the fact that she did all that while water poured down on her.


For regular viewers of ASAP, if the stage looked familiar, that was because Maymay used the performing space as her concert stage. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we were hoping to see a change in setting. But Maymay Entrata is never one to disappoint. For the finale, Maymay did a quick costume change and headed to the ABC-CBN building rooftop. There, she performed Di Kawalan, in heels mind you, along with a gaggle of backup dancers and stage lights. Who does it like Maymay?