Bella Poarch And Valkyrae Are The Besties You Want In Your Barkada

From friends to sister real quick.

At this point, Bella Poarch and Valkyrae’s connection is more than just friendship. It is like they’re long-lost Filipina sisters.

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Bella Poarch and Rachell Hofstetter, or more commonly known as Valkyrae, have a relationship extends much deeper than the fact that both are of Filipino blood. The social media superstar and top video game streamer have been great friends for a few years now but the way they act with each other, it’s like they could have been friends since their childhood. At this point, it’s safe to say that the bestie energy these two give is that like of a big sis-little sis dynamic, both ready to be there and support each other. On a deeper level, Rae is like family to Bella because she didn’t grow up with one. Here are just some of the best moments between these two Pinay stars that might just make you wish you were friends with them, too.


Like any best friend, Bella Poarch was there to hype Valkyrae when her YouTube commercial dropped. But not only did she hype up Rae’s work project, Bella also did so through the love language of memes. We love a friend who supports her friend’s work.


Besties who break the internet together, stay together. Bella and Valkyrae came together on Valentine’s Day 2022 to drop their joint slay by posting their rated-R Valentine’s shoot on Dropbox. Not only do both look so good in the shoot, but they can also brag that it shook the internet. So many people wanted to see their pics together that they temporarily broke Dropbox. Who’s doing it like them?


Most of Bella Poarch’s music videos are big-budget events that feature an Avengers level of cameos from her famous friends. And one such friend is Valkyrae, who appeared in three of Bella’s videos…so far. She first made her appearance in the BPCU (Bella Poarch Cinematic Universe) by playing one of the robots who fights back with Bella in Build a B*tch. She then played a party goer in INFERNO. Finally, in Dolls, her character sadly dies, but at least she did so in the arms of Bella’s character.


Aside from their natural talents, Bella and Valkyrae have both bonded over their Filipino roots. And that was on full display when the two made chicken feet adobo and chicken adobo on Rae’s Twitch channel. The moment was made better by the fact that Bella surprised her by bringing her mom to cook with them. They even brought a whole lechon to share. Your best friend cooking with your mom who also so happen to be close to each other, what’s not to love about that? And by the looks of things, the duo did a pretty good job making adobo.


In case you didn’t know, Bella Poarch can speak fluent Tagalog. Valkyrae can’t however because her Filipina mom wanted her and her siblings to speak English growing up so that they won’t be made fun of in school. But even with this language barrier, Valkyrae does at times try to speak her language. During that same cooking video, she and Bella tried speaking Tagalog together and they even sang some classic Pinoy nursery rhymes like Bahay Kubo. It was a bit of a struggle but at least they tried.


When your bestie posts a killer pic on social media, it’s only fair that you show your love and support. And Bella did just that in these cute interactions on Twitter. As she should.


Don’t you just love it when your friend surprises you out of the blue with a fun date, gift, or activity. For Valkyrae’s birthday this year, Bella got her 10, yes 10, high-end swords. Bella Poarch also surprised Valkyrae one time for a girl’s day out. As shared in her vlog, the two went to Rage Ground in Los Angeles where they took their stress and anger by breaking things. They then went to watch a movie together in a 4D cinema, which actually was the first time Valkyrae saw a movie in 4D. Spending quality time with your best friend is one of the best feelings in the world.


Can you imagine competing on a game show with your bestie? That’s something Bella and Valkyrae can cross of their bucket list when they appeared on the first episode of season two of Name Your Price, a YouTube game show hosted by AustinShow, Will Neff, and JustaMinx. The duo, along with Hasan Piker, were the contestants on the episode as they decked themselves out in 70s style fits to match the theme. Without spoiling too much, the two Filipinas did pretty well in the game.

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