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Bella Poarch And Valkyrae’s Valentine’s Photoshoot Was So Steamy It Broke Dropbox

Remind us to not get on their bad side.

First she broke internet records. And now, Bella Poarch, along with her Valkyrae, recently broke the internet with their NSFW Valentine’s photoshoot.

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You most likely know who Bella Poarch is. She went from becoming a TikTok sensation into fast rising musician and fashion star. And you also know who Valkyrae is. She’s one of the most popular streamers in video games and has millions of followers across her social media profiles. The muti-awarded creator is also a businesswoman as she is one of the owners of 1000 Thieves, an esports and gaming organization.

But did you know that these two barrier-breaking Pinays are actually besties IRL? The two have hung out on multiple occasions and Valkyrae has even made a cameo in Bella’s music video. So, when Bella needed someone to join her for her Valentine’s Day shoot, it was a no brainer that she would connect with her fellow Filipina. And their too hot to handle collab was definitely something, as it literally broke Dropbox.


Released on Valentine’s Day 2022 via Bella’s website, the drop consisted of photos the two took together. This being something special, the duo made sure it was a memorable one. It doesn’t take a lot of to see that the theme of the steamy shoot was Valentine’s with a dark twist (read: BDSM) served in multiple looks. One look sees Bella and Valkyrae don black and red leather outfits and lingerie with props that included red rope and a teddy bear.

Considering how Bella was tapped to walk in Rihanna’s SavagexFenty show in 2021, we are already used to seeing the young star bare her skin. But what really caught us off guard was Valkyrae. We know she can turn a look, but we weren’t expecting her to show this much skin. In line with the dark BDSM vibe, another set of photos had them hold a dagger and sword, as well as a heart, evoking vixens of the night who take away the hearts of men. While another look sees the duo switch to red and black with Bella wearing a top that leaves little to the imagination.

They then switch to white outfits to show off their sweeter and more innocent side as a contrast to their bold leather looks.

Aside from this, Bella’s website also contains behind-the-scenes clips of the shoot, as well as Bella Poarch-themed love cards to give to your significant other.


Both Bella and Valkyrae look absolutely stunning as they served look after look. And clearly we weren’t the only ones taken by their beauty as many people descended on the site to see what was up. Their Valentine’s surprise sent pulses raising and made fans understandably go wild. And in fact, so many people went on the site that the Dropbox link containing the photos and video they made during the shoot was suspended because of so much traffic.

As shared by Bella, Dropbox sent her an email informing her that the links she posted were temporarily suspended due to heavy traffic and clicks. So yeah, it’s fair to say that Bella Poarch and Valkyrae broke the internet. You’re not the only one Kim K. You can check out the photos and video here but be warned, most of these are NSFW so it may be best to check them out in private. A wholesome shoot this is not.  


This actually isn’t the first time Bella was with fellow Filipinos. Bella enjoys a great friendship and has hung out on occasion with Bretman Rock and Bryanboy. And just recently, Bella was spotted sitting beside another fast rising Filipina, Olivia Rodrigo, at the Super Bowl. And this also isn’t the first time two Filipinas worked together for an epic project. Just recently, Saweetie and H.E.R. worked together for the first time for a song called Closer and it’s a whole bop.

If this situation has taught us anything, a.) we need more Bella and Valkyrae content, and b.) Filipinas in the global scene continue to stay winning. Now the only thing we need now is for Bella Poarch and Olivia Rodrigo to collab and maybe Bella might break the internet again.  

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