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Here’s The Reason Why Bella Poarch Has A Lot of Tattoos

No, she doesn't plan on covering it up anytime soon.

Let the “kababae mong tao, andami mong tattoo” stigma finally end.

From TikTok star to one of the breakout pop stars of 2021, Bella Poarch isn’t your ordinary artist. She’s not your typical content creator who lip-syncs to “M to the B.” As soft-spoken as the 24-year-old may seem, her music’s been all about breaking beauty standards and her experience with trauma and abuse. Aside from her signature ponytails and plush alpaca, Bella’s tattoos are one of her trademarks. While one of her tattoos, gained some controversy, which she has since apologized for and covered up, there’s a huge reason why she has a lot of ink on her body.

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Back in November, a TikTok user pointed out that tattoos don’t suit her. Bella’s been getting tons of unsolicited comments like this, mostly coming from straight men, which reminds us of the usual comments regarding tattoos, no matter how big or small the ink is. Bella then explained herself by saying, she had a “rough childhood,” and that her “scars from abuse” made her insecure. “I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.”


Reply to @omgtheykilldkenny I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.

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Her song Build A B*tch was talking about loving and owning your body, Inferno was her traumatic experience with assault. No matter how difficult the situation Bella was in, it just made sense that she would resort to art to help cope and recover. She has also talked about her past in-depth in a recent interview with The Face. Probably one of the boldest and youngest artists of today, Bella is just fearless. “I didn’t even know what depression was until I joined the military, especially in the Asian community, mental health is not very talked about,” she shared in her interview. Now, can everyone stop having a say when it comes to other people’s bodies?

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