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Here’s Proof That Bella Poarch Is The Miss Congeniality Of Filipino Stars

How to be part of Bella Poarch's circle?

Yes, she’s basically friends with everyone!

We already said it before that TikTok star turned bop queen Bella Poarch is the hype girl of the friend group that we all need. But did you know that she’s also friends with your faves? It’s no secret that she shared in the past how she has bad anxiety, but within her Filipino circle? It’s easy peasy for the Build A B*tch singer. From Joshua Garcia to Liza Soberano, scroll down to see why Bella Poarch is our newly crowned Miss Congeniality.

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Raise your hands if you’ve seen Bella and Olivia way before they blew up on TikTok. ? Is a collaboration too much to ask for?


Make way for the new wave of P-Pop. Can we please have Stell and the rest of SB19 hop on a track with Bella Poarch?


What we love about Bella Poarch, Bryanboy, and her cousin Bretman Rock? They’re not the typical stereotype that most Filipino content creators who grew up overseas seem to project. Remember that viral TikTok of them three speaking fluently in Tagalog? We stan.


Bella Poarch recently hung out with James Reid at Bretman’s birthday party, but this isn’t the first time. She met Careless Music’s Chairman a few months ago when he flew to LA. Collab when? ?


The power that these two hold. Don’t you just love it when these two Filipina beauties link up? Now, do we manifest a song for these two? Yes, please!



Singer ba sya?✨

♬ Love Me Back (Fayahh Beat) – Trinidad Cardona & Robinson

While the two have remained Internet friends, their fans have been teasing them as the new love team. Did you see how the both of them exchanged emojis on TikTok and Instagram? Like what Joshua’s fans have been telling Bella, “may pila po dito.” And we totally agree.


If Bella Poarch asked us to be part of her newest music video, we’d spontaneously combust, too. Now we’re just waiting for them to collaborate on a TikTok, vlog or even a makeup line and we can die in peace.


This duo kills it every time. Just look at how they broke the Dropbox site when they released these photos. ? Despite how intimidating they seem like, their friendship could go down as one of the cutest, especially with their online PDA!


While they haven’t actually met in the flesh, Bella Poarch also follows a number of Filipino stars. On different social media platforms, she follows Blythe, Anne Curtis, Kathryn Bernardo, Heart Evangelista, Saweetie, and Maymay, among others. She also has content creators like Niana Guerrero, Esnyr Ranollo, Argie Roquero, Rosemarie Vega, and Richard Juan on her following list. We can only wonder if Bella already started secretly casting who among these Filipinos will make it to her next music videos. Which character do you think she’ll be unlocking in the Build A B*tch universe?

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