We Need Bella Poarch’s Build A Bitch Remix Featuring BLACKPINK’s Rosé To Be Officially Released ASAP

Give it to us, now!

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Remember last year when those images of Bella Poarch hanging out with BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé surfaced? It was a link-up we weren’t expecting, but definitely piqued our interest as to what they were doing together. The internet was soon rife with theories that the girls may be collaborating on a song or have special project in the works. After all, a Bella Poarch and BLACKPINK collab would be epic. Since that time though, no project between both artists has materialized, until now that is thanks to a leak of a remix to Bella’s Build A B*tch featuring none other than BLACKPINK’s Rosé.


On September 8, BLINKS across Twitter were left shaken when a snippet of either an unreleased remix or cover to Build A B*tch started making the rounds on social media. The snippet featured Rosé‘s new verse, which she actually wrote herself. “Boys want 50 shades of pink / Someone sweet as roses / But my thrones can really sting / I’m not sugarcoating,” she sings.

The origin of the leak is a bit messy. But apparently, the original leak was emailed to a Turkish BLACKPINK fanbase all the way back in August 2021. It didn’t get that much attention until recently, because it was in their spam folder. After they discovered it, the track soon spread. Regardless who initially leaked the track, we are just thankful somebody did. And seemingly confirming the existence of the song, Bella Poarch herself tweeted about the track, complimenting Rosé‘s vocals.

So, now that we know somewhere out there in a hard drive is a remix to Build A B*tch featuring Rosé, we’ll be needing it to be released in full. Rosé sounds so heavenly on the track and fits the confident baddie vibe really well. She also didn’t censor herself in the song in saying words like b*tch, boobs, and butt, which is a bit surprising yet welcome given her status as an A-list K-pop idol. Plus, the fact that she wrote it herself makes it even better. This is a whole vibe we don’t often see from Rosé that we would definitely like to see more of. By the way, here’s the (alleged) full but unofficial track in case you wanted to hear more of it.


As to why the song has not been released, there isn’t an official word on it. Some have suggested though that YG blocked the song’s release. If that’s true though, this isn’t the first time YG has done so. It’s practically BLACKPINK lore that this point of the many songs the group has recorded that have yet to see the light of day. Most recently, all the song’s Ryan Tedder, Rose, and Jennie worked on in Los Angeles for BORN PINK did not make it to the final track list, a move that did not sit well with many fans. Who knows what other BLACKPINK songs are hiding in the vault.


The remix smells like a potential hit, especially how BLACKPINK features in other artists’ songs are few and far between. Also, Bella has even said that Rose is her dream collab. What’s not clicking? Hopefully, the song does get a full official release in the future. But if not, at least we got Rosé‘s verse and a peek at what could have been.

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