FYI, beabadoobee’s Latest Music Video Was Shot In Her Hometown Of Iloilo

She's just a Filipino girl in love.

Not only does beabadoobee’s Glue Song feel so wholesome, but its music video has the star reminiscing in her hometown.

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Name a Filipino who’s currently killing it in the global music scene, beabadoobee will be on that list. The musician, who was born and raised in Iloilo before moving to the UK, has made a name for herself with her tender and heartfelt brand of bedroom pop. In 2022, she made history as the youngest Filipina so far to perform at Coachella. Later in July, she dropped her beatopia album, which was a bop from start to finish as Bea brought to life her childhood drawings through her unique music.

And this 2023, Bea’s momentum continues now that she’s set to join Taylor Swift as one of her opening acts during the highly anticipated The Eras Tour. But before that comes along, Bea decided to treat us to some new music with the release of Glue Song, a long-teased track inspired by her relationship with her boyfriend. But if the heartfelt love song wasn’t enough, beabadoobee decided to hit us even more as the music video was shot in Iloilo.


beabadoobee has never been one to shy away from her Filipino roots. She’s talked about eating Filipino food, clapping back against people who said she was blackfishing because of her skin, and speaking Tagalog here and there. Bea traveled to the country in September 2022 to hold a concert as part of her world tour and returned once more this past January. It wasn’t for work though as Bea went back to her hometown of Iloilo for a much-needed vacation. But when you’re in a place as beautiful as Iloilo, you can’t help but use the scenery to your advantage. And in the case of beabadoobee, she shot her new music video there for her latest love song.


glue song mv soon! directed by bea and jake 😀

♬ Glue Song – Beabadoobee

If it isn’t already clear, beabadoobee is in a happy place in her life at the moment, at least when it comes to her love life. Glue Song is a reflection of that as the dreamy song sees Bea sing about being stuck on someone she loves. “I guess I’m stuck forever / By the glue, oh, and you” sings beabadoobee in her signature lullaby-like vocals. She gave us yet another track to add to our hugot playlist. “It’s a heartfelt song that means a lot to me…A love song and the first one I’ve written in my new relationship,” shares beabadoobee in a statement. “For the first time this is just me being really happy. I’m in a really positive place for the first time in a long time and feeling love.” Even though it’s just two minutes, Glue Song feels like a tender embrace wrapped in a warm blanket. So, what better way to bring that vibe even further than shooting the music video in a special place, right? 


The music video, which was directed by Bea and Jake, sees the musician go to her lola’s house (and do the mano po when Bea sees her) for a fun time with her family. In between that are shots of Bea going around the city in a jeepney, being by grassy fields, and of course, those sweet moments of her and Jake. It’s not often we see Bea with her Filipino family, so seeing her just being herself in Iloilo was a nice touch. The entire video was shot on Kodak 16mm, which gave the music video a film quality that made for a more personal experience.

This is one of the softest videos beabadoobee has ever done, and that’s a great thing. Bea is just a normal Filipino girl sharing her love for her man in a music video that could pass for a tourism spot for Iloilo. It’s a win-win situation if you think about it. All we need now is for Bea to do that long-promised Tagalog song.

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