This Barbie The Album Listening Party Gathered Barbies And Kens To Disco Night

This Barbie is having a dance party.

The dance party from the Barbie movie was brought to life at the Barbie The Album listening party.

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Dolled up in Barbie and Ken inspired-outfits, with glitters and bursts of hot pink fabrics, attendees danced the night away at Barbie The Album Dance Blowout Party last July 20, Thursday.

Warner Music Philippines, in partnership with The Studio Dance Club, gathered all the Filipino Barbies and Kens for a spectacular celebration to an advance listening party to Barbie the Movie Official Soundtracks, hosted by Sam Alvero in her glittering Barbiecore attire.

Barbie the Album is undoubtedly one of the most eclectic albums of all time as iconic stars Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, and Billie Eillish, Indie artists Tame Impala and HAIM, R&B Soul phenomenon Khalid, fresh faces from the Kpop scene FIFTY FIFTY, and other A-lister artists, come together in one album for Barbie The Movie’s official soundtracks.


Inside the venue was a disco-themed motif that gave off the impression of being in a disco ballroom inside a Barbie world, thanks to the pink lighting and glittering disco balls. There goes an Instagram-worthy photo zone created with flashy curtains and vivid led lights in the style of Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night music video for Barbies and Kens to rock their looks and strike the best poses.

The party also served a feast of healthy pica-picas, beverages, and, of course, cocktails—the life of the party in the food world—were provided at the party (and they’re named after Barbie and Ken).


The party’s main highlight is to dance your hearts out to every Barbie track, where six dance instructors lead and rock the dance floor with choreography influenced by disco. Anyone in the venue is welcome to join the instructors at any time and simply follow their dance cues.

Lizzo’s Pink set the tone for the dance party with funky beats, feel-good rhythm, and retro dance moves led by the instructors. Next on the list is Indie singer Tame Impala’s featured song, Journey To The Real World, in the synth-pop genre, but with a Tame Impala flair. The crowd goes wild as the next set of tracks include Barbie The Album representative song, Barbie World (with Aqua) with Rap Queen Nicki Minaj featuring Ice Spice. We can all agree that this is the timeless Barbie song with inspiring raps from Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice that everyone can sing and dance to from the heart. 

What made you think people at the dance party would only move to cheerful songs and vibrant music? Haim’s Home and Billie Eillish’s What Was I Made For? are no exceptions to the dance floor, as the instructors and crowd groove to the mellow rhythm and ballad-ish vibe with sentimental and contemporary dance moves.

Next up are the audience favorites Speed Drive by Charlie XCX and WATATI by KAROL G, one featuring energizing beats and the other being Latin pop performed simultaneously with forceful and energetic steps. Barbie and Ken dancers continue to move with one of the most Barbie-fied songs in the album, FIFTY FIFTY’s Barbie Dreams, featuring Kaliii, a sample of Janet Jackson’s song infused with a youthful K-pop genre. 

A fitting track-ender to close the dance party, participants joined and hyped each other to Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night a track that shouts disco balls, sparkly getups, and retro dance.


Barbie always gets a present and praise for being the finest in every aspect. After every set of tracks, the host asks trivia questions related to Barbie, both the movie and the album, and anyone who answers correctly is given either movie tickets to Barbie the Movie, movie posters, or Barbie journals. But prizes were just the beginning because a mini awards ceremony happened for the Best Dress Barbies and Kens. Drag Queen Lady Gagita, who reigned as the best-dressed Barbie, slayed everyone on the dance floor with her extravagant attire and killer Barbie dance moves as she swayed to Dance The Night.

Truthfully, this album speaks so much volume to listeners. It’s an album of diversity and lyricism that evokes inclusivity and empowerment, and all the living Barbies and Kens who attended the dance party are proof of this claim. They’re full of inspiring, empowering, and confident people hyping each other on the dance floor. Because, after all, what Barbie teaches us is that you can be anything you want to be and you can also be yourself; as long as you feel like you’re Barbie and Kens fulfilling their lives in their worlds, this album is for you.

Barbie The Album is now streaming on your favorite music streaming apps and sites.