7 Artists We’d Love To See Have An Orchestra-Accompanied Concert In The Philippines

8 Artists We’d Love To See Have An Orchestra-Accompanied Concert In The Philippines

Bring out the strings!

Don’t you think a collab performance between artists like IU or Ben&Ben with a full orchestra would be nothing short of magical?

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If you’ve ever watched Japanese rock band RADWIMPS’ special concert performance with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra where they performed the songs from Your Name (2016), then you know how much soaring emotion and grandiosity a collaboration between a musician and an orchestra offers. They don’t have to be a balladeer or dabble in classical music to be accompanied by an orchestra, either. Ensembles themselves often perform their own renditions of songs from all genres, from classical to rock to jazz. And plenty of Filipino artists have held concerts with orchestras, like SB19.

In the wake of Laufey’s two sold-out shows with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, we’ve rounded up a few artists we’d love to see have a live performance in the Philippines with a full orchestra—grand, mesmerizing, and epic. You have any more? Let us know! Let’s manifest these shows ourselves. ✨


No, they’re not too many! What’s another fifty or one hundred musicians to join SEVENTEEN on stage? The K-pop group’s performance of Don’t Wanna Cry in 2017 with an orchestra lives rent free in our mind. Add the symphony of an orchestra to their versatility in genre and their musical and performance skill and you’ve got the makings of a grand display of music and spectacle.


An orchestral concert by IU would magnify the power, sweetness, and elegance of her music, making for a captivating show. She’s performed with an orchestra before in Japan, but with the singer coming to the Philippines this June 1, we’re holding out hope!


What’s a few dozen or more to join nine-member band Ben&Ben on stage? The band itself creates lovely harmony every time they’re on stage, and their emotive, romantic, and lyrical music would be perfect to let echo in a theater or stadium as they perform it with a full orchestra. People have already also done orchestral covers and arrangements of Ben&Ben songs, such as the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra, who covered Leaves.


Following the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, RADWIMPS, and ONE OK ROCK, South Korean indie rock band The Rose accompanied by an orchestra would be ground-shakingly cool. From lead vocalist Woosung’s powerful voice to the synergy they form as a team, an orchestra-accompanied concert would take rocking out to a whole new level. The Rose is coming to Manila this January 26th.


People often say they’d love to have SunKissed Lola’s megahit Pasilyo as a song they’d get married to—and for good reason. The romantic, wedding-themed track would make anyone feel the magic of falling in love, and to hear it with more strings, more horns—we’d love to see (and hear) it. The Philippine Army Band covered the song, as well, to give you an idea of how it would sound.


If butterflies (2 a.m. Version) is any indication, breakout star Denise Julia makes music that would be made even more mesmerizing in a big venue with multiple instruments—grand and yet intimate. The singer-songwriter is also heavily involved in the composing and production process, so if she ever decides to work with an orchestra again on a larger scale, it’d be nothing short of an epic coming-together of musical geniuses.


Talk about reimagining music. It-pop-girl Olivia Rodrigo’s music is movie-soundtrack worthy, and could be made even more so, like with the Epic Orchestra’s rendition of vampire. With all her emotionally-charged, often angsty or heartbreaking songs, as well as her energy on stage, Olivia would front an orchestra so well, bridging classical and modern in a way only she could. Can you imagine Can’t Catch Me Now sang live with an orchestra? People aren’t ready for it.


Singer-songwriter Zephanie, a Disney Princess in her own right, with her sweet vocals and captivating demeanor, would simply serve with a performance with an orchestra. We already know how great she sounds live, so we’d love to see her joined by fellow talented musicians creating dreamy harmony on a big stage.

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