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5 Things We’re Expecting To See In Andrea Brillantes’ First Ever Makeup Brand

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It’s more than luck and charm. Andrea Brillantes gave it her all to her new “baby.”

Last year, Andrea Brillantes made headlines for being the “youngest celebrity CEO” in the Philippines and she deserves every bit of it. She’s been working hard since she was 10, so having the grit and grind to manage her own business wasn’t surprising at all. Her new baby, Lucky Beauty, is finally here and is about to drop real soon.

“Makeup for me, is my lucky charm I could wear,” a post captions in their official Instagram page. Without a doubt, Andrea Brillantes has somehow dipped her fingers in the beauty industry ever since her collaboration with local brand Careline in the past, making Lucky Beauty’s release even more hotly-anticipated. Below, we’ve listed down all the things we’re expecting to see in her first ever beauty brand.

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In a facebook post Andrea shared last year, she was pictured together with Jasmine Ang, CEO of local brand Issy & Co. together with their creative director Joel Martine Andrade who are also part of the team that’s bringing her makeup line to life. If you’ve been on Filipino beauty-tok for while now, it’s worth noting that Issy’s known for their innovative packaging and experimental campaigns. Andrea’s Lucky Beauty is definitely nothing short of their standards.


With the high demand for inclusivity in beauty lines, we’re definitely expecting Andrea Brillantes’ makeup collection to be able to capture people of different shapes and shades, especially knowing how most of us are under the sun almost 24/7.


Given how unpredictable our climate is, we’re happy most local brands have now stepped up and introduced humid-proof products in their collections. We’re pretty sure Andrea took note of this as she’s a city and island girl who loves to travel. Who wants to feel the sticky icky anyway?


Most of Andrea’s fans know that she’s an animal-lover. She’s adopted a piglet once, and she even nursed a street dog back to health. This definitely applies to her makeup line, too. Organic formulation is one thing, but being firm on banning animal cruelty in her products will make her all the more a well-rounded CEO.


The beauty industry has its fair share of practices to work on, but taking small steps will get us moving no matter what the pace. Considerations like ethically-sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging and reducing plastic waste are what Lucky Beauty can possibly think about.

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